Radiant Orchid? Meh…

I think you know by now that according to Pantone, the color of this year is radiant orchid. I kinda have mixed feelings about this one…You see, I loved the emerald green madness, everything from clothes to nail polishes. It was a beautiful and elegant color. But this year`s combination of pink and purple (that`s my stupid commoner opinion), just isn`t my thing. So this year, I will not buy clothes in this shade…I know they`re cool, but I like to have my own style, not just follow trends.

However, I might buy some cute accessories. You see, for me a dress in this color would be a bit too much, but a cute bag, belt or shoe would do the trick. I`m a big fan of neutrals or pastels, but sometimes you need a pop of color in your life.

Now, as I told you in the beginning of this small post, I have mixed feelings about this one. While it`s a no for clothes, it`s a HELL YEAH for the beauty department. When I found this picture, I just drooled looking at these beautiful nail polishes and eye shadows. 

So, what`s your opinion on this color? Is it a Yay or a Nay?

Disclaimer: All pictures are from google.