The Body Shop`s Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel and Body Butter Review

Hello, hello! It`s been a while since our last chat. First, I had some trouble with my laptop and I had to go M.I.A. for a couple of weeks. I was also busy with some personal stuff, life got a bit hectic and I was overstressed. The big news is that I`ve decided to finish my studies and get my Master`s degree. If everything goes well, I`ll be back at Uni next year. I have to admit that I`m a bit worried that some people will judge me because I`ll be 28. Though as long as you want to study, age should not define you. 

I know that by no means school equals success. But personally, I loved school and learning new things. And if something makes you happy, you should do it. Even though you have no idea how to study anymore:)) That`s the second reason I was missing. I have to pass an entrance exam and I forgot so many things. Seriously, there`s something wrong with my brain because there`s no way I lost so much information in 5 years. And for the record, I was amongst the top of my class, so I did my reading. But I guess it`s true what they say about filtering information. Here`s hope that everything goes well and I`ll be a student again.

The Body Shop Pumpkin Vanilla

Like usual, I rambled on an on and I`m only just starting the review. Every year, The Body Shop releases seasonal products as part of their holiday collection. Last year I was obsessed with their Spiced Apple range and this year my prayers have been answered in the form of a pumpkin collection. There`s so much hype surrounding pumpkins, you`d think that more brands would jump on the bandwagon. But better late than never, I suppose.

The packaging is very cute and festive, with a pumpkin on the label. I believe that the formula is the same with all of their shower gels and body butter, it`s just the scent that it`s different. And let me tell you, this collection smells divine. Vanilla seems to overpower the pumpkin scent, but it`s still lovely. The shower gel has a creamy texture and it leaves your skin feeling soft. 

The body butter is quite thick and it takes a while to sink in, but it feels very hydrating. I`m one of those people that dread applying body lotions because I don`t have the energy and time to sit around naked for 10-15 minutes. It`s also worse in the colder months, cause I`m freezing. But because this body butter has such a gorgeous scent, it`s worth the hassle.

I know that this is review is ridiculously short, but there`s not much you can say about the body products from The Body Shop. The quality is nice, though sometimes a bit overpriced. Now they have a sale, but I paid 20£ for a shower gel and two body butters. But hey, I love everything pumpkin related, so it was money well spent.