My Winter Skincare Routine

It`s been a while since my last skincare routine, so I thought I should make an upgraded version. I always say that whilst I`m not that good when it comes to makeup, I`m a pro when it comes to skincare. Or, at least, I know what works for me and what doesn`t. I can`t say that I have the most problematic skin, but it is a combination of dry and oily, so I need to be careful with everything. Every now and then I get some spots, but those are hormonal. So I`ll walk you through the products that I use and also share some of my tips.

Morning Routine

A while ago I tested some Sukin skincare bits, and I`m happy to report that I like all of them. The Foaming Facial Cleanser was the one I was most scared of, as I don`t get along with foaming cleansers and some people had bad breakouts after it. But for me, it works out great, and my skin is less oily after I use it in the morning. The only downside is the bad scent, but I can live with that.

For two years I`ve been using the Kueshi Toner and I`m so happy with it. It smells nice and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Moving on to creams, Neutrogena`s Hydro Boost Water Gel* has been a lifesaver. I normally suffer from dehydrated skin during the colder month, but this cream leaves my face so smooth and supple. The next skincare product that I apply is Neutrogena`s City Shield Hydrating Lotion*. I know that this is a cream, but it also works great as a primer. London is such a hectic city and this lotion is perfect for protecting you from UV rays and pollution. And last, but not least, I use Sukin`s Antioxidant Eye Cream. I`m still on the fence with eye-creams, as I can`t say they make a huge difference. And I`ve tried my fair share of cheap and expensive creams. But as long as they help with the under-eye bags, I`m happy with that. And this one does what it promises, so all`s good.

Evening Routine
I do try to take my makeup as soon as I get home, and for that I do a double/triple cleanse. If I`m wearing heavy makeup, I use my trusty Garnier Micellar Water. If not, I`ll use Neutrogena`s Gelee Milk Cleanser*. Because of its mild formula, this leaves my skin soft and plump.

I use a Beauty Balm as my double cleanser and so far so good. I tried using coconut oil, but after a couple of weeks it broke me out badly. What`s great about this cleanser is that it`s natural and it does not block your pores. The formula is similar to coconut oil, but thankfully, it`s not comedogenic. The last product that I apply is from Nuxe, their Multi-Purpose Dry Oil. For years, I used to think that oils would only make me shine more. But I was wrong, as they offer that extra level of hydration that I need. And this little guy from Nuxe is amazing! Not only does it nourish, but it also repairs.

On a weekly basis, I also like to use face mask and peels, but I`ll probably write a separate post on that. Today I just wanted to share the products that I use daily because otherwise, we would have been here until January 2019. If you`ve tried any of these, let me know your opinion in the comments.

P.S. Always read the labels as it is ridiculous to complain about a product for oily skin when you`re exclusively on the dry side. Or vice versa. I don`t mean this in a snotty way, but too many people use the wrong products and then complain. Then again, if something works for me, it may not work for you. But as they say, trial and error.

*PR Samples. All opinions are my own.