Blogmas Day 1: 30 Blog Post Ideas

Hello, hello! I`m back from the dead. Or from my long hibernation. I know that a lot of times when people take a blogging break, they do it for personal reasons. Which is acceptable. Other times though, you lose your mojo. You feel uninspired. And that`s why I`ve decided to make a list of 30 topics you can address in your next post, everything from fashion and beauty to personal stuff. Because the internet is for everyone and we all have a voice to be heard. I mean, I know a lot of these topics are pretty common. But it`s your own voice that makes your blog stand out. So even if you talk about a popular subject, you`re fine as long as you`re you. So without any further ado, let`s get down to business and be productive:

  1. Haul (clothes, makeup, books, you name it)
  2. A product review
  3. What inspired you to start a blog
  4. Beauty/ Style Icons
  5. Anti – haul: products you`d never buy and your reasons behind it
  6. How your style changed over the years
  7. Make a wishlist
  8. Travel bucket list
  9. The story behind your career
  10. Things that make you happy
  11. A roundup of your favourite movie/ tv shows
  12. Little known facts about you
  13. Things you`d tell your younger self
  14. Apps you could not live without
  15. Share some Uni tips. Or write about your decision to not go to Uni. Share your opinion on higher education
  16. Try a DIY project
  17. Write about your worst beauty/fashion mistakes
  18. Talk about some bloggers/ vloggers you admire. Share the love
  19. Talk about the happiest moments in your life
  20. Talk about a difficult moment in your life and how you overcame it
  21. Make a list of songs that make you happy/sad/motivated/etc.
  22. Talk about the best or/and worst investments you`ve made
  23. Share some things that you`d like to do before you reach a certain age
  24. Talk about the best advice you`ve received on a certain topic 
  25. Travel essentials
  26. Write an outfit/makeup of the day post
  27. Date Ideas
  28. Advice on relationship/friendship problems
  29. Share some of your favourite quotes
  30. Write about your favourite ways to unwind after a stressful day

Obviously, there are tons of things you can write about. Especially if you`re new to blogging, you`ll like to experiment with different things. Obviously, once you`ve found your niche you`ll know what type of posts you enjoy, but I do think it`s nice to change your content every now and then.

P.S. If you`re thinking about doing Blogmas as well, here`s a list of blog post ideas that might help.

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  1. Alexandra Udinov
    10/01/2018 / 2:55 am

    Great goals!Cheers,Alexandra | How to Style Legging For Daily Outfit

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