5 Things I love about December

December is one of my favourite months, topped only by January when it`s my birthday. December marks the end of a year and sparks hope for a better one. I met my husband on a December night, and it was probably the best early present Santa brought me. And speaking of Santa, December is the month when we celebrate Christmas and can anything beat that? With that in mind, I have made a small list of all the reasons this month rocks.

1.There`s colourful decorations everywhere

From Christmas lights to festive window displays, December is the month when everything sparkles. I love the big trees that you can find in the town markets and one of my biggest wishes is to see the three in Rockefeller Center, New York. Been obsessed with that ever since I saw Home Alone!

2. Christmas Jumpers

Let me tell you a little Secret: I start wearing my Christmas clothes around mid-November. But December is the month when people stop staring at me because that`s the norm. I have quite a collection and every year it gets bigger because I can never say No to a cheesy jumper. I strongly recommend having a browse at H&M and Asos, most of my Christmas jumpers are from there.

3. Christmas Songs

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away…Sounds familiar? I know these type of songs are not everyone`s cup of tea, but I love them! They just put me in a cheery mood and they make the days until Christmas go by easier. I won`t focus on this too much because tomorrow`s post is my December playlist, more details then.

4. Mulled Wine

Here`s one reason why I love mulled wine: it doesn`t matter if you spend 6£ or 30£ on that bottle, with the right condiments it turns into something amazing. It`s also nice to have a cup when you`re in bed, all tucked in and ready for a Netflix marathon. Or better yet, enjoy a cup in your local town market, with your family or friends.

5. Promise of a new beginning

I`m not one of those people that make New Year`s resolutions because I believe everyone breaks them within the month. But like I said earlier, December is the month when you can sit down and analyse the year`s accomplishments and failures. You can see what you did wrong and think of ways to fix it. Your achievements are your best motivation. Rather than focusing on what went wrong, I like to look at the positive outcomes. Make sure they will happen in the next year as well.

I hope you enjoyed the first real Blogmas post, writing it definitely put me in a good mood. Let me know in the comments what you love about December. Or what you hate about it for that matter (for me it`s Boxing Day because I have to work and I can`t enjoy Christmas properly).


  1. Ela BellaWorld
    07/12/2016 / 2:35 pm

    December is one of my favourite month as well, but I don't want new year to come 🙂 I don't want to be one year older, my birthday is in January too! Mulled wine and cosy nights… I love it 🙂 Ela BellaWorld

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