5 Blogs I loved this month

Today I thought I`d do something different and instead of having the spotlight on my own ramblings, introduce you tIo some bloggers I absolutely love. I am a big fan of the big names like Lily Pebbles or Fleur de Force, but my favourite people remain the little guys, like you and me. I just feel that they are more genuine and write about what they like or care, instead of doing lots of sponsored posts. Again, I have nothing against these posts, blogging is a job for some and of course, they should be paid, but for today, we`ll focus on smaller blogs.


Pam is such a sweet girl, I think that if we ever meet in real life, we`d become friends immediately. Her blog is a mix of beauty and fashion, with a few lifestyle bits. I always enjoy her OOTD posts, she has a really feminine style and always looks really classy. Her beauty reviews are always spot on and she really gives me picture envy. Really good written content and fabulous pictures make her blog a treat, so make sure you check her posts.

Sophie`s Little Secrets

Sophie`s blog is again a really well-balanced blog of beauty and fashion. Her style is really fun, she goes for bold and bright choices and her colourful outfits cheer you up. Love her beauty reviews, they are really detailed and well thought. I especially love the posts where she compares different products, like the best primer or cream blushes vs. powder blushes. And she`s a team Haleb (PLL fans unite), so obviously she has great taste.

Jodie Melissa

Jodie is another lovely beauty blogger. She was blessed with gorgeous blue eyes and clear fair skin, so I`ll admit, I love watching her makeup posts the most. I also enjoy reading her beauty reviews, might have bought a few lip liners because they looked amazing in her photos. Also, she`s on a journey to quit sugar and dairy, so if you want to move towards a healthier lifestyle, some of her posts might help.

I Style Looks

Probably my favourite fashion blog at the moment. I just love Akila`s edgy chic look! Her outfits are simple and not overwhelmed by statement necklaces and all that, yet they look very stylish. Most of her outfits are monochrome or with dark colours, which I love! She simply looks stunning and her pics are a treat to watch.

The Glitter Chic

And last, but not least, another beauty blog (after all, it`s the domain I`m most interested in). Nikoleta is quite a new blogger, but her posts are really interesting and informative. Besides beauty reviews and wishlists, she also posts MOTD pictures, in which she always looks fantastic. 

So here are a few of the blogs I`ve been enjoying this month. If you liked this post let me know, maybe I`ll make this a monthly thing, where we share the admiration for other fellow bloggers out there. Have a great day! 


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  1. Pam Scalfi
    28/07/2015 / 2:29 pm

    you are too kind my dear <3 thank you so so much for this. 😀 and we should totally meet hahaPam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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