Soap and Glory: The perfect Ten

Hello, everyone! I know, I disappeared again, but with good reason: I was busy packing and organising because I`m going back home for a month. I can`t wait to see my family and friends, visit old and new places, have some traditional Romanian food! I will try to post as much as I can, if I will be allowed to sign in:)) Basically, whenever I am home I can`t use messenger and other sites because I quote: I`m signing from a suspect location! It`s Romania, not a terrorist secret cell! But yeah, I hope I will be able to blog, I really want to share some special places with you guys.

As you might have noticed, lately I`m in love with Soap and Glory`s makeup range. Luckily for my budget, though, these are all old purchases, that I did not have time to review. While I did not talk about it, I sure used this little palette. Almost all January this graced my eyes and helped create lots of wonderful looks.

In typical Soap and Glory manner, the packaging is fun and colourful, quite sturdy to carry in your bag. Unlike other drugstore palettes, it does not a have a see-through plastic case, which is a relief, because they crack so easily. You get a little mirror inside and also a little brush, surprisingly good quality. I also like the fact that all the colours have names, so much easier when you write a review. Like the name suggests, inside you get 10 colours that will help you achieve a perfect nude/smokey makeup. And yes, a lot of the colours are similar to the infamous Naked palettes. The pigmentation is fantastic and they are so buttery soft, it`s a dream to apply. My only little problem with this palette is that it lacks some nice matte shades, but then again, when I see how pretty and sparkling all the colours are, it would be a shame to ruin such a masterpiece. Unlike in my previous review, I will talk about each shade separately, I think it will make things easier for you. However, I am the worst person when it comes to describing colours, so bare with me!

Vanilla – it`s like a beige, creamy highlighter. It is not that pigmented, but I like it that way because it looks more subtle. Quite easy to blend and does not crease at all. Win!

Minky – it`s like a very light, shimmery copper colour. Extremely pigmented and buttery, easy to blend, looks good all over the lid. Win!

Pink T. – this is a gorgeous light nude/pink shade. However, once you apply it, it`s barely noticeable. Also, it`s not as creamy and easy to blend as the others, tends to fall out. Sadly, a fail!

Aubersheen – One of my favourite colours, a gorgeous taupe shimmery shade. This is so pigmented and creamy and easy to blend, it`s a dream! I also think this is the kind of shade that looks good on everyone, so WIN WIN WIN.

Gold Coast – As the name suggests it, this is a gorgeous gold colour. Amazing quality as well. I tried it once with black eyeliner, wow, it really makes your eyes pop. It is quite glittery, though, so definitely one for the night makeup.

Taupe Cat – Yes, it`s taupe, but a bit lighter. Another win, very pigmented and easy to blend, does not crease at all.

Sunset – This is by far my favourite, but sadly I don`t know how to really describe the colour. Is it like a glittery bronze? I`m so bad at this, you just have to know it`s fantastic.

Brownie – My second favourite colour, a glittery dark brown that just suits everyone. 

Black Gold – Nice name, terrible shade. This was supposed to be a matter charcoal grey colour, but the pigmentation is so bad. Also, it`s a nightmare to blend it and even then, it just looks bleh. Fail!

Smokin` – I was so excited about this colour, I mean look how amazing it looks. The pigmentation`s a lot better than with Black Gold, but it`s still hard to blend. Also, compared to the other shades, this starts to crease after 2 hours, so it`s  an NO NO NO from me.

So there you have it, the ten shades from the perfect smokey eye palette. 7 out of ten it`s not a bad thing if you think about it, though at the same time palettes from MUA or Makeup Revolution give you more, for half the price. But Aubersheen, Gold Coast, Sunset and Brownie are some fantastic shades, I would probably buy the palette again, just for them. Also, excluding those 3 fail shades, you will get some really pigmented colours, that are a dream to blend and last for ages. Not a bad thing, from a drugstore brand. I got this around Christmas so I don`t know if it`s still in stores, but if you spot it, you should give it a try. That is if you prefer glittery shades, for matte fans this is sadly not your cup of tea, as it is more sparkling than that Edward Cullen joke of a vampire.



  1. Christine Buzan
    27/01/2015 / 2:24 am

    Hahaha your last line made me laugh. My sister and I made my poor dad come with us to go see Twilight, he couldn't help it and said out loud in the middle of the crowded theatre "WHY IS THAT GUY SPARKLING NOW?!" Everyone started roaring with laughter.All of this being said, I am a huge fan of the sparkly eye!

  2. Christine Buzan
    31/01/2015 / 6:00 am

    You always have the best things– I'm so jealous! I love shimmery eyeshadow so this is definitely a palette I'll have to try. How do you think it compares to the Naked palettes?

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