December Empties

I have finally jumped on the bandwagon known as Empties posts. I was quite reluctant to be honest because the idea of someone finding my empty bottles interesting sounded a bit off to me. But then I realised that the reason why so many people find this kind of posts interesting is that they`re like a collection of mini reviews and recommendations, not the typical LOOK AT MY TRASH thing. So from now on, I`ll try to remember not to throw what I used and make this a regular thing. Now that I managed to say 1 thing in 4 different sentences (can I get an AMEN from people with dissertations?) let us move onto my December junk.

  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner

I am seriously addicted to this range. I use the Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil and together they leave my hair feeling incredibly soft and sleek. I straighten my hair quite often, so in the past years it got really damaged, but this range brought it back to normal. Besides being hair rehab in a bottle, this range also has the amazing coconut scent, another big plus for me.

I already repurchased 2 more bottles and I`ll probably use this duo for a very long time. Because I have oily hair I have to use them more often than I would use a range specifically designed for oily hair, but I would rather do that and have a healthy looking hair. 

  • Macadamia Oil Hair Mask

This is by far the best beauty discovery of last year. One of the best hair masks I tried and it costs only 1 pound. I did a full review here, I think it`s better if you read that and hear all about this fantastic product.

  • Sanctuary Spa Body Butter

This was part of a gift I received from my sister-in-law and this body butter was by far my favourite product. I was quite surprised by its thick consistency, but it was easily absorbed into my skin and left it feeling smooth and hydrated. Also, because it has a lavender scent, it was a joy using it at night, I found it very therapeutic.

At the moment, I got another gift from Sanctuary Spa and I want to finish that, but after that, I`ll definitely repurchase this body butter. As I said, the scent is very therapeutic and it actually helped me sleep. I know it sounds crazy, but it really did help a little.

  • Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel

OMG, this was like Christmas in a bottle. The scent always reminds me of Christmas markets, filled with mulled wine and other delicious things. I buy this shower gel and next December won`t be an exception. This is a limited edition shower gel so it`s harder to find, but I think this is what makes it a bit more special.

So this is what I finished in December. There might have been more, but I think I threw them away. Have you tried any of these?


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