15 for 2015

Hello, guys, I wish you all a fantastic New Year! I know this time of the year everyone is preparing their resolutions, but my advice would be: DON`T BOTHER! You can follow your dreams anytime and if you really want to do something, you`ll do it. My problem with new year`s resolution is that we set some goals that deep into our heart we know we can`t achieve and, in the end, we`ll only feel bad. So instead I like to make a list with things that I know will make me happy in the next year. Even if I do half of them, I like to see the half-full part of the glass and be happy that I cleared some from my bucket list. I know some of them look quite serious, like resolutions, but the key is to select small things that won`t impact your life in a big way. So here are some of the things I would love to see them happen in 2015:

1. Make this blog more personal

I am quite a complex individual (too complex as by husband complains) and I like to discuss so many topics, from feminism to beauty to imperialism. Don`t worry, most of my posts will still be beauty reviews, but if something really bugs me, then I`ll share it with you. Also, I would like to write some lifestyle posts, but we`ll see how that goes.

2. Visit Brighton

I blame the media, the bloggers I follow and a certain book set in Brighton, but damn, they sure made that place look special. I am not so keen on the fake tan, fake personality babes in tiny bikinis, but hopefully, I won`t see that many on my visit.

3. Make an Instagram account

I had a twitter account for 2 months, did not get all the fuss and deleted it. I`ll probably try Instagram, maybe I`ll like it better.

4. Buy a new camera

At the moment, I use a bridge one, but the idea of carrying a DSLR that is bigger than me sounds really appealing.

5. Watch LOST again (really serious on this one)

I saw it on telly when it aired, but because you got only 1 episode once a week, things started to get blurry. Now I want to do a Netflix marathon and hopefully, be able to understand the finale.

6. Go to a Spa

I work a lot, I deserve some rest. Depending on how much money I can put aside, I have my eyes on a treatment from Lush Spa.

7. Go to bed before 12 AM

The best way to get rid of dark circles, without using expensive and ineffective creams.

8. Eat porridge

The looks and taste of it makes me feel like an old lady, but it`s healthy, so I`ll try to do it.

9. Get a new haircut at least every 3 months

10. Read as many pregnancy books as I can

No, I don`t have an announcement, but I think it`s good to be prepared. When the time comes, I want to be ready.

11. Skype at least once a week with my friends back home in Romania

12. Finish at least 3 Spending Bans

The problem last year is that I set a really long one, for 3 months and that ended up badly. I did manage a month and a half without spending, though, which let me to the following conclusion: instead of a big one, I`ll have more small ones that are more reasonable.

13. Visit more places in London

I`ve been living here for almost 3 years now but seen so little. This needs to change ASAP.

14. Be a volunteer

I want to work fewer hours this year and have time for other things as well. I really hope I can find a day I can dedicate to volunteering because giving back is the best feeling ever.

15. Get a pet

So this is what I will like to do (more) in the next year. What are your goals for 2015?



  1. Christine Buzan
    02/01/2015 / 2:34 am

    What you said is so true, and so brilliant– "we set some goals that deep into our heart we know we can`t achieve and in the end we`ll only feel bad." It's almost as if we beat ourselves up so much, we don't actually improve by the time the next year rolls around. I really like your approach to resolutions–it's all about doing little things and taking little steps to be happy :)I hope you have a wonderful new year!!! (And that you get that spa treatment–you deserve it!)XxMOmadame-ostrich.com

    • Georgiana Teglas
      02/01/2015 / 10:07 am

      Aw, thank you, this is one of the loveliest comments I received. I hope you`ll have a great New Year as well!

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