Barry M. Brow Kit

Until 2-3 years ago, I haven`t paid much attention to my brows, which leads to a big WTF moment when I look at old pictures. To be honest, I am impressed to see how I manage to score such an amazing husband with such an impressive uni-brow. And it wasn`t even a thick, Frida Kahlo one that seems to be trending now, it was more like 3 hairs that decided to spread along my face. Basically, while my brows are relatively ok near the inner corner of my eye, by the time you get to the end of the brow you`ll see just one hair. NOT JOKING, it`s a nightmare to make them look full.

Anyway, as I said above, I started taking care of my brows not too long ago and ever since I got addicted to brow products, from high-end brand to drugstore brands. This is my latest addition and I have to say, it really got me confused. The packaging looks presentable enough considering it`s a drugstore product, I like the gold writing on the black cardboard. From what I`ve seen it`s sturdy and small enough to carry it in your purse if you want to check the state of your brows every now and then.

After you open the kit, though, some things are a bit strange. First of all, I saw only one shade and I don`t know if they sold all the others or they released only one shade. But that would be crazy because unless you have dark hair, the colours are too strong for people with fair hair. Even when I apply it, I have to be very careful and light-handed, otherwise, the result will look too fake. However, if you can match this to your eyebrows, you get quite a lot of it for the money you pay. As all brow kits, this comes with a powder to fill and a wax to set your eyebrows, BUT you`ll also find a highlighter, which is quite a nice extra. I actually like the highlighter a lot, I think the colour is not too shimmery and perfect for daytime use. You`ll also get a double ended angled brush, which is small enough for thin eyebrows, so I was happy to see it there. I think that when they created this kit they wanted to make it a replica of Benefit`s kit, so they also included a pair of mini tweezers. Sadly, the quality is so bad, I don`t know where to start with. The tweezers are so stiff and hard to handle, you can`t even pick a hair, let alone pluck it. Seriously, if I grow long nails I would have a better chance of plucking with my bare hands than with this useless tool.

At 5.99 pounds this is not that expensive and the quality of the powder/wax and especially highlighter is quite good, but unless you have dark hair it will be impossible to match the colour. However, I am hoping they will release other kits as well, to match them to fairer skin tone. I personally like the concept of this kit (except the bloody tweezers), so I hope they`ll make it more accessible.


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