The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Range

I HAVE THE FLU. That means that for the past days I`ve been stuck in bed, with a box of chocolate bigger than I am, involved in what seems to be the world`s biggest Orange is the New Black marathon. (happy to announce that in 2 days I finished both seasons) Anyway, my husband brought these the other day, which made me really happy because I have such a sweet and caring guy beside me. But being a lovely nut job, I decided that instead of a nice gesture they were an evil plan to make me realise I need to get out of the bed and take a shower. Ok, maybe they were both, he`s a loving man that doesn`t want me to turn into a plant. Because he knows me so well, he picked what I would have picked in store, so extra points for that.

As you may know, The Body Shop released a new Christmas collection, centred around 3 scents: apple glaze, frosted cranberry and vanilla Brulee. Each of these collections includes shower gels, lip balms, hand creams, body butters and lotions, soaps and bath sprinkles, so there`s plenty to choose from. While I`m dying to try the others, vanilla Brulee has a scent right up my alley. It`s sweet, but not overwhelming and it just puts me in a cheerful mood, because I think of all the pudding I`ll be having around holidays. 

I got the body polish and the lotion, one being a hit and one sadly a miss. I find the texture of the body polish to be amazing. While it`s abrasive enough to remove all your dead skin cells, it`s still hydrating enough to leave your skin feeling smooth. In the A/W season, I like to use more gentle exfoliators because the skin is more sensitive and this is perfect. Also, besides doing a great job, it smells so goooooooood, that you have to restrain yourself not to eat it.

Moving on to the body lotion…my amazing husband did not see that he`s buying a shimmery one. Yup, that`s right, if you want to shine like a disco ball, this is your guy. Don`t get me wrong, there are moments when you need a bit of glitter, but for everyday use, this is a bit too much. I did like some things about it, besides the scent. First of all, it`s easily absorbed into your skin, so you don`t have to wait a long time. And I have to say, my skin was a lot softer after I applied it. But the silver shimmer drives me mad. It`s not strong enough that people see you coming from a mile, but if someone comes closer to you then they might start singing shine bright like a diamond, ohhhhh. I think I will keep this for special occasions and convince my husband to get me the body butter. (moral dilemma here: if you convince someone to buy you something, does that mean you`re breaking your spending ban?)

Have you tried anything from the Christmas Collection? Which one is your favourite?


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  1. Corinne
    24/11/2014 / 10:01 am

    I LOVE the smell of this one. It has to be my fav of the three. You're lucky her bought you them, kind mister :)Corinne

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