KIKO Lipsticks

On my last trip to KIKO, I spotted some lipsticks on sale and even though the difference wasn`t big, from 7.90£ to 5.00£, I had to have them. (now you see why I need a spending ban? even if is 5p less, I still believe it`s a good bargain) As you know by now I love a good nude lipstick and when the opportunity arrives I like to throw a red or a fuchsia in the mix. I went for the Luminous Chrome Lipstick in 707, a dark brick red, and the Luscious Cream Lipstick in 506 a dark peachy nude. (quite perfect for those who want to achieve Kylie Jenner`s lips – not a fan of them, sorry if I spelt the name wrong) As always, I went for lipsticks with a  shimmery finish, I find the matte ones a bit too boring.

These are some impressing lipsticks, starting from the packaging. I mean look at it, it`s so futuristic and sleek, but also sturdy enough to carry in your bag. Now, I won`t lie, it took me 5 minutes to figure out how I open them. (silly me, you have to push the cap down) While I found the mechanism pointless at first, now I think it`s amazing, it`s a lot safer like this. Also, if you have kids or a 2-year-old nice like me, this will prevent them from turning into a clown. (She played once with the Provocalips, we needed almost half an hour to remove it all from her face) 

The formula is also great, easy to apply, feels moisturising  on the lips and not drying at all. But I have to admit I like The Luscious Cream better, so smooth and silky, it`s a dream to wear it. The Luminous Chrome has a creamy texture as well, but after a few hours, it can cling on the dry patches. This being said it did last a bit longer. After you apply them, they will last for 3-4 hours without having to reapply, but no more than that. I am not really bothered by this, sometimes I like to reapply a lipstick several times a day, just to look fresher.

While they are a bit more expensive than some drugstore lipsticks, they won`t make a hole in your budget. Even if you pay the full price, I think it`s totally worth it. First of all, they will look super cute on your dressing table or bag. Also, because of the creamy formula they are very comfortable to wear, especially in the winter, because they won`t dry your lips.

Next on my list are the Smart Lipsticks, which I heard are an amazing dupe for the Mac lipsticks (from packaging to scent and colours), but at a fraction of the price. I must say until now I am very impressed with what I tried from KIKO, the quality is amazing and the packaging looks so professional. They might become my second most loved makeup brand, after Rimmel.


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