KIKO Individual eye shadows

I discovered KIKO only this year and I must say, I`m in love with their products. I know that they are not that famous, being more of a niche brand like Avon, but whenever I go into one of their stores I feel like I am in a high-end store. You have a great selection of products, the packaging always looks and amazing and the quality is beyond decent. Last week I picked some things and among them were 2 individual shades, no. 133 and no.119.

The first thing I like was the packaging, I think it`s similar to Mac…just guessing here from what I`ve seen in pictures, as I don`t own anything from Mac. Another thing that I loved is that they have some type of security mechanism, meaning they are perfect for travelling. If you don`t push the lid, they will stay close, so you don`t have to check your makeup bag every 5 minutes to see if there`s eye shadow everywhere.

Choosing the colour was the hardest part, as you have the most amazing variety of colours, from stunning neutrals to vibrant, crazy colours. Of course, as a person obsessed with neutral colours, I picked some of those and even though they seemed similar in the lids when you apply them the result makes such a difference. Shade no. 119 is like a mix of brown and taupe while shade 133 is a darker brown with red undertones. Even though they have some shimmer in them, they are perfect for everyday makeup and the glitter is not that strong. I wear these together, I put shade 119 all over the lid and then I apply shade 133 on the crease, to make me eyes pop (or more awake, whatever) The formula is great, they are very soft and smooth and easy to apply. They don`t really crease and they last for hours. I must say that shade 133 is a lot more pigmented than shade 119, or maybe it looks like this because it`s darker. Nevertheless, the colour payoff won`t disappoint and for 2.90 pounds you can`t expect more.

Now, I know I am on a spending ban and I have enough eye shadow palettes to last me for a lifetime, but I won`t lie to you, I want to try more of these bad boys. Lately, I`m thinking a lot of experimenting with green/purple so I will definitely go back ( in 3 MONTHS) and see what they have to offer.

Have you tried any of these? What shades do you recommend?



  1. Corinne
    21/11/2014 / 8:30 pm

    I've seen the brand mentioned on various blogs, but I've never tried it myself!Corinne

    • Georgiana Teglas
      23/11/2014 / 7:45 pm

      It`s a really good brand, not too expensive and the quality is great, definitely worth trying.

  2. Becca B
    22/11/2014 / 9:32 pm

    I've never actually heard of this brand! The pigmentation looks good though!

    • Georgiana Teglas
      23/11/2014 / 7:46 pm

      Such a great brand. And they have more than 40 colours, definitely plenty of choices there.

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