Birchbox Vs. Glossybox: November Edition

I finally managed to make a schedule for my blog posts, so in these following weeks, you`ll hear more from me. It will probably go hectic again around 20th of December because working in a mall is like being Grinch`s dog. Confused about that comparison? Well, in my opinion, the dog liked the Christmas, but because of Grinch, he could celebrate it. I am a Christmas addict (love everything about it), but I`ll have to work 10-10, `cause obviously someone will come at those hours to buy shoes. And don`t get me started on Boxing Day. People you should be sleeping after too much eating and partying, not standing in a queue at 6 AM for a cheaper thing you don`t really need! But I guess consumerism beats spiritualism….

Anyway, this is my last post involving beauty boxes in the following 3 months (except a special one I`ll show you later, but that`s it). I am moving and I`m trying to save more money, so the first thing I got rid off were my beauty subscriptions. I have tons of samples and in general, I have so many beauty products, I need to start using them all. So, yeah, I am going on a spending ban, but I still have tons of products that are waiting to be reviewed, so no worries. I also have some lovely points on my beauty cards, so in the case of an emergency, I`ll use those. So wish me luck and expect a huge haul on Valentine`s Day. Why that day? I love shopping duh, so I`ll celebrate the end of the spending ban then.:)) *god, I sound like an idiot* 

This month I received the normal packaging, no special theme or collaboration announced, so I`ll present each individually rather than together and give you my verdict in the end.


This was the weirdest selection of products I got! The value is incredible, but a product really baffled me. The star product is Dr Jart`s Turnoevr Booster, a FULL-SIZE product that costs an astonishing 32 pounds. In my opinion, Korean beauty products are one step ahead from their European competitors, so I was so excited to see this in my box. I think I got the most expensive one, because from what I`ve seen others got the cleanser that`s only 17 pounds, so that would have been a letdown. This baby promises to soothe, moisturise and make skin look more radiant, so I can`t wait to give it a try! Much to my surprise, I got another full-size product, a nail polish from OPI, part of their limited edition Coca-Cola collection. The colour is stunning, a shimmery silver perfect for the party season. Sadly, from here things started to go downhill (2 bad products, 2 good ones). I was very excited when I heard we`ll get to try the Lord&Berry bronzer, but I find the sample too small to work with. I know it`s a sample, but I have to swirl my brush in it too many times to get some colour, it`s annoying. Shame, because I really like the colour. Then I received a perfume sample from English Laundry…the problem with this one is that I loved the scent, but I know I`ll never splurge and buy something from them. So this one is not really their fault, but I`m holding them accountable. Another sample I got was the Leave in Conditioner from Beauty Protector. To be honest, I have so many of these, I don`t know when I`ll have the chance to use all of them, thankfully in these months I`ll get rid of half of my stash. (junkie alert) Anyways, my main concern with this box: I got some drinking vitamins:))) Besides the fact that they are super expensive, I don`t see their purpose, so I would have rather got the mini chocolate. I am not much of a drinker these days, my high school party animal days are long gone. I do enjoy my wine, but one glass every now and then won`t hurt, so I don`t know what I`ll do with these. If any of you plan on getting drunk, tell me, apparently these are some miraculous hangover cure.:))


                      (my little niece was playing with the box, so I don`t know where she put the conditioner)

This month`s content was a bit disappointing compared to previous boxes, but it was still OK, considering I got 2 full-size products. At 14 pounds, the Lollipops eye pencil covers the value of your box. While the packaging is amazing, so pretty and girly, it did not blow me away.I find the retractable end to thin for my needs and not steady enough if you know what I mean. I liked the fact that it had Vitamin E, but when I tested it, one wipe was enough to remove, so it`s not very lasting. It`s a nice addition, but not worth the price in my opinion. 

The other full-size product I received was a Lipgloss from Burt`s Bees, one of my favourite brands when it comes to lip balms. If I could choose, maybe I would have picked a lip balm because now it`s colder and you really need one, but I like the gloss as well. Made with Apricot Wax, you can expect lots of shine and that hydrating feeling you get from using Burt`s Bees products.

The other products I got were samples. One of them was the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner, a brand I wanted to try for ages. The sample is quite big, so it`s enough to convert me or not. This promises to leave your hair silky smooth, strengthen it and restore its shine. Hurray! MONU Skincare is a brand that was featured a lot in the past and, this time, I received the Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil. Now that my skin feels more dry I started using oils before I go to bed, so I was happy to see this in my box. Although I am not too keen on the scent, I expect great results, as I read only good reviews. And last but not least, I got a small sample of H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment. As I said above, my skin feels very dry lately, so I need lots of help in this department. What`s great about this product is that even though it`s extremely moisturising, it has an oil-free formula.


None of the boxes really blew me away, but Birchbox was close and that`s why it`s the winner. While I loved the full-size products that together cost around 45 pounds, the others were sadly a miss. Anyway, now I finally have the chance to use all my samples and I find that quite exciting, to be honest. Who knows what holy grail product I might have stashed in my sample drawer?


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