Soap&Glory Thick&Fast Mascara

I know this has been around for a while now, but for me, it is a new product, as I did not venture into Soap & Glory`s makeup line earlier. In my defence, we usually associate a brand with only one type of products. For instance, everyone`s crazy about Benefit`s makeup, but they are a bit uncertain when it come to their skincare range. Well, for Soap and Glory it`s exactly the opposite. While everyone has, at least, one of their body butters or shower gels, their makeup line stands a bit in the shadow. Shame, because they are really good products and in true Soap&Glory manner, they have the cutest packaging ever. If you are a fan of the `60s and love pin-up girls, this is the brand for you. My mascara was part of a Christmas set I bought earlier (yes, I am one of those weirdos that start preparations 3 months earlier) so I did not get the original box, but it`s still stunning. Ladies, this is a sexy mascara and I`m not talking about the results. This mascara is black, sleek and sexy. (note to self: try not to sound like a pimp when you describe something)

The design of the brush is quite standard, with regular bristles, but they do a good job at separating your lashes. The wand is quite thick and this makes it easy to apply, but I know some people prefer smaller wands, so this will be a yes from some and a no from others. The formula is just amazing: it will add so much volume you`ll be shocked. And the best part is that it is clump free, so no worries in that department. I have sensitive eyes and some mascaras leave them red ( damn you High Impact), but I didn`t have any trouble when I used this one. Others mascara add a bit more length while Thick & Fast is all about volume and colour, which makes it the perfect mascara for daytime. Or even at night, when you don`t want to go over the top.

Overall, I think it`s a great mascara. But now a big but comes. (again, why do I always sound so kinky?) The price is a lot higher than other drugstore mascaras. I know it is designed like a high-end product, but it`s still a high-street one, so if you are on a budget, it`s a tiny bit too much. When you have so many options from Rimmel or Maybelline, spending 10 pounds on this is not that appealing. Nevertheless, it`s a great product and if you are addicted to mascara you have to try this. Or just treat yourself from time to time, you`re worth it.


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