Seventeen CC Cream Review

Seventeen is one of those brands that doesn`t get enough credit from the beauty world, in my humble opinion. While No7 tries to be the sophisticated brand you`re mum would buy, Seventeen is the answer for your fun and quirky sister. I`ll admit, there are way better products out there, but when you`re young you like experimenting with different products and doing your makeup should be a fun activity, not a chore. That`s why I`ll never buy any high-end foundation until my 30s when my skin actually needs it. At the moment I`m really happy with my huge collection of BB/CC creams, this being the latest addition.

Usually, when I buy something from Seventeen, is because of their packaging. I know, I`m like a 3-year-old into a Disney show, I want everything that`s shiny and full of colour. So into my basket it went. The first thing I noticed is the fact that it has an SPF of 25, so can I hear an Amen. In previous posts, you heard my rant about some great products, that unfortunately have low sun factor protection. With all these changes into our climate, I think all brands should have at least a 25- 30 SPF. I know some people think that if their wear foundation (even without SPF) they`re covered, but that`s wrong. I`ll sound like an old lady but use protection:)) Anyway, I also liked the thing that it contains Vitamin E, which does wonders for your skin. Sure, there are at least 20 other ingredients I can`t pronounce and are probably those pesky chemicals, but, at least, you have Vitamin E.

And now, moving on to the actual review. I got the shade light, but as you can see from the pictures, it`s quite dark and orange. However, I`m happy to announce it blends really well and after that the colour actually suits me. The application is very easy, I usually use a brush, but when you`re on the run it`s not that liquid that you can`t apply it with your fingers. It doesn`t feel heavy and it has a light coverage, so it`s perfect when you don`t want to look like you tried too much. If you want something to just even your skin tone, this thing is great, you`ll get a very easy-going natural look. On the bottle, they say you`ll achieve a matte radiance, but I`m not so sure yet. Until now I`ve always used it with a powder and even like that, my skin got oily by night. If you don`t have oily skin, then yes, you`ll get that matte radiance, but if you`re like me, it will not last on its own more than 3 hours. So, while the matte part comes with a question part, the radiance part is absolutely true. It really leaves skin with a healthy looking glow.

So, will I repurchase this product? Yes and No. While I was convinced by it, I still like experimenting with foundations. I don`t really have major skin issues, so at the moment, I`m not searching for the one. And I don`t like to waste, so when I buy something I like to use it. Out of all the BB/CC creams, I own this is definitely in top 3 so that screams winner for me.


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