New Lush goodies

Every morning when I have my coffee and check the latest blog posts, 5 out of 10 bloggers has a Lush haul. I guess now that the weather got colder, we switch our quick showers for long baths. Anyways, the idea is that the internet is full of Lush suggestions, so this is such not an original post. But then again, if you love Lush, you appreciate every suggestion, so I decided to share mine with you as well. Now, this will come as a shock, but no bath bombs in this haul. This is one of the,, advantages“ when you share a house with more people, you don`t really have time for long baths. So due to the circumstances, I have to stick to my shower routine still. I am not really complaining, though, as these shower gels make everything better. So let me introduce them:

Snow Fairy

First of all, I got the mega-popular Snow Fairy. Now, in one of her hauls, Anna from Vivianna does Makeup said how much her dad loves this shower gel, which is quite surprisingly coming from a man in his 50s (just guessing, I don`t know how old her father is). Well, my dad decided to join the club and said that this one smells fantastic and wants to try it as well. Now, the idea that my dad will smell like a giant marshmallow was not that appealing, but I decided to please the old man, so I got the big bottle, in order to share it. (yeah, at the moment he moved in with us, to help us with the house) Moving on to the product, I love it! It smells like bubblegum and they also added seaweed to soften the skin. This is one of those scents that will automatically make you feel better because it reminds you of childhood. So sweet, so good! Also, I love the bright pink formula, everything about this gel screams fun.

So White

,, A sumptuous, shimmering shower gel as pure as the driven snow. With fresh apple to brighten the skin, rose absolute to soothe and bergamot and neroli oils to lift the spirits“.

Next we have So White and I bought this when I saw it featured in the haul mentioned above. This is a white with silver shimmers gel, but they do come off when you rinse, you won`t shine like a disco ball. I think because of the fresh scent this goes better in the summer, though, but I use it in the mornings when I need a quick wake-up.

Hot Toddy

,, This Christmas spiced, deep red shower gel will warm your cockles and prepare you for the winter fun“.

This is my favourite shower gel, hands down! This reminds me of the Christmas Market in Vienna, it just smells amazing! Just to name some of the ingredients: cinnamon, ginger, lemon, you get the idea! By the way, do you know that commercial with Nicole when she is turned on by the smell of her shampoo? That actually happened to me yesterday, after the shower I kept smelling myself and saying things like: You sexy beast, you smell goooood, etc. Seriously, this is like Christmas in a bottle, I already went to Lush and got 2 more, this time, the big bottles. I also need to get some wine as well, as this makes me want to drink mulled wine while I watch The O.C. for the 100th time.

Santa Baby

I have a love and hate relationship with this one. I mean I adore it, I just hate its name, because it always reminds me of that stupid song. (great, now it`s stuck in my head again) Anyway, this is a gorgeous red lip tint, that you can wear it alone or team it with a lipgloss. The formula is not that creamy, but I just love the shade too much. It also smells fantastic and on the ingredient`s list, you will find shea butter, cinnamon, mandarin extract or cocoa butter.

All these products are limited edition, so don`t waste any more time and pop into your nearest treats for some Christmas goodies.


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