Lush Veganese Hair Conditioner

Yes, I know it`s a big cliche, but I`m a Lush junkie. But that`s not a big surprise since you already know I`m obsessed with paraben-free products and everything natural and healthy. I love the fact that they are handmade products and, therefore, they don`t last that long because like this you reduce waste. I mean, you have to use your Lush goodies and not store them for months because you bought something else, otherwise, you lost a couple of pounds. And the third reason why I`m a Lush junkie is because some of the profit go to charity. And that is a real comfort when I buy lots of products. Hey, at least, my money go to a good cause! – is my excuse when I shop too much.

Moving on to the product, I have to say Veganese wasn`t my first choice. I wanted to get something with a sweet scent, like vanilla or coconut, but after a nice chat with the ladies working there we agreed they`re not the answer for my oily hair. So I ended up with Veganese, despite the smell that reminded me of sea or Murakami books. Seaweed has a weird smell, but you get used to it. The agar agar gel (fancy saying for seaweed gel) is the main ingredient and it helps soften the hair. It also has lemon to help with shine and greasiness and herbal infusions (lavender flower infusion, rosemary) for the scalp. See? Only good stuff gets to be a part of the Lush Universe.

After I shampoo my hair, I take the amount of an apricot and use it lengthwise, avoiding the roots. DUH, such a genius advice:)) Anyway, it may seem a lot, but I like to use a lot of conditioner, because while my roots are very oily, the rest of my hair in quite dry and frizzy. The great thing about Veganese is that it has a light formula, so no matter how much I use, it doesn`t  weight my hair down. From the first time I used it, it helped with detangling and reduced the frizz. Also, my hair was extremely soft and smooth, like the ones you see on the TV and then you curse at it because your hairbrush is stuck into your messy hair. Also, my hair looks really shiny, but it`s that healthy looking glow, not the greasy shine:p The only concern I have is that because it has such a light formula it won`t nourish my damaged hair enough, but I may be wrong. At the moment, I`m really enjoying it and even the smell starts to grow on me.



  1. Emi ♡ 恵美
    07/10/2014 / 11:36 am

    Same here, I like vanilla and coconut…especially coconut ^^I've never tried seaweed conditioner before…Sounds exotic? The ingredients you mentioned sound all natural…so cool!!I'm prone to dry, thick, frizzy hair XD I'll have a look at Lush products when I get the chance to enter their store, I didn't think they had hair products too, only knew them for their soaps ^^恵美より ♥

    • Georgiana Teglas
      08/10/2014 / 9:43 am

      It`s a great conditioner, you should try it. The smell is a bit bleah, but I apply a mask after, so you can`t really notice it after that.

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