Haul-la-la: Boots+Superdrug

I`ll start by bursting your bubble: these are all treats for me! I`m a bit obsessed with Christmas and I already started making lists with what I`ll get for my family and friends, but sometimes I like to pamper myself. Sounds so cheesy, but I like to offer gifts, not to get them. So when I like something, I buy it with my savings, a thing that became quite irritating for my husband, as he is left with no more options. (GET CREATIVE MAN!) Normally, the amount I spent is over my budget. But the great thing about gift boxes is that you pay less than you would have if you bought the products separately. Also, Boots has a 3 for 2 deal on Christmas gift, so drop everything you`re doing and head there if you care about your savings! And, if you were lucky enough they sent you some great coupons, so you`ll save even more. I earned almost 3000 points, so that means I can buy anything for 30 pounds and not give a dime. Cool!


Superdrug has some amazing gift offers as well, I think they are all half price or so, but the only reason I don`t buy so much from them is the annoying fact that you get only 1 point for 1 pound. So unless is something from their own range of cosmetics, I go to Boots. One thing I`ll give them credit, though, is that they have some exclusive collaborations with beauty bloggers. A few months ago everyone was dying to get their hands on a Tanya Burr lipstick or nail polish, but now it`s all about Zoella. I was really excited to try her product and I was not disappointed entirely. The only letdown, if you can call it so, is that you don`t have a lot of things to choose from. Seriously, extend her line, it will be even more popular.  A hand cream, a lip balm, I dunno, just bring more quirky products like that. I will actually make a full post about Zoella`s beauty range, so you`ll hear more then. For the moment, I got the Soak Opera bath foam/ shower gel and the really cool bath fizzer.

Picking ONLY these 3 products was the hardest thing I had to do. Honestly, how can you choose from such a great variety? Well, I guess lucky people don`t have to, but us, mortals, have to stick to our budget. (You always hear about my budget, so here it goes: I allow myself 100 pounds to spend monthly on things I like, from makeup to clothes. This excludes the necessities, however) So, after a short heart attack when I saw I have to pay 60 pounds, I left Boots with the thought of never coming back in the next 2 months. Otherwise, all the money I saved for a new house will turn into a bathroom full of cosmetics.

Out of these, the Ted Baker gift is the one I like the best. Seriously, it`s the most beautiful thing I saw recently. The box itself is amazing and it was already turned into a jewellery box. The content isn`t too shabby either. You get everything you need, from lipstick to a gorgeous bronzer or eye liner. The other two products I picked are from Soap and Glory. Obviously, one had to be an eye shadow palette, cause you never have enough of those. The shades are fantastic and are perfect for a smoky neutral look. And the last thing I picked was the Glamour Push set, a small collection of their best selling products. I can`t wait to try the Thick&Fast mascara or the Sexy Mother Pucker gloss.

So these were my top picks from Boots. Any of them caught your attention?


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