Birchbox vs Glossybox: October Edition

It`s that time of the month again when we receive our beauty boxes. While one box continues to amaze me, one is a constant disappointment lately, so I might cancel that and subscribe to My Little Box. But then again, it was always my favourite, so I`m willing to give it another chance. Anyway, let us see which box was the winner this month.


For October Birchbox partnered with CoppaFeel! an organisation that helps women detect the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. This charity is the first to raise awareness amongst young people and to promote a healthy habit (checking your boobs) that can change our lives. 

Glossybox was trying to promote a great thing as well and for that matter, we did not get any cards. While I am all for saving the Earth, I think they should have used recycled paper and still send those cards, so you know what`s the theme, the value of the products you received, etc.

In this section, Birchbox definitely wins, because everyone loves a good cause.


While Birchbox had a fantastic theme, I was very disappointed with the box. The box looks depressing, what`s with that lately? I was seriously expecting a pink box, something bright and girly…I guess a pop of colour is too expensive?

However, Glossybox has the most beautiful box I have ever seen. I am a huge fan of Andy Warhol and the design of the box is stunning. When I looked at it, I knew beauty products belonged in it. (btw, how cool is the fact that the lady is applying mascara and we also got one?) I thought the Karen Millen box was great, but this is something else, I love it!

Do I need to say who wins? Glossybox all the way!


  • Birchbox

Even though we got 2 full-size products, when I looked inside the box, I wasn`t that impressed. My favourite has to be the lip balm from Pixi. I got the shade Ripe Raspberry and if you layer it a bit you get a beautiful red. It feels very nourishing and I like the fact that it has shea butter and vitamin E. I know a lot of people were happy to see the cleanser from Balance Me, but for a strange reason, I don`t get along with this brand. I had some creams from them and I found them too sticky. But maybe this cleanser is different, who knows. Made with natural ingredients, it contains oatmeal powder to polish the skin and sweet almond oil to nourish it. I gave the hairspray to my husband because I don`t like using them, so he`ll have to tell me the results. Though I am planning a haircut and I might regret this decision because when I have short hair I actually like texturizing sprays. Now, the last two products seem quite intriguing. One is the gel from Cool Fix, designed to treat ingrown hair, razor bumps and redness. I really want to like this product, so I hope it works. And last, we have the glowing serum from Cindy Crawford. This is a product that I`ll definitely not buy because of the price, but it`s a nice addition to make you feel posh once in a while.

My thoughts on the content? It is a nice mix, but I don`t know if it fits my needs. Also, I`m still expecting a Stilla sample, since you can find their products on the site. I hope next month is better, otherwise, I`ll use my points and cancel my subscription.

  • Glossybox

I don`t know why so many people dislike this subscription, because again this month, the content was fantastic. First of all, we got a full-size mask from NUXE!!!!! Now that we have to face colder months, this is a fantastic addition, because it offers 24hrs of moisture and relaxation. I won`t give you more details, as I`ll write an individual review next week. Another product that I absolutely loved is the nail polish from Ciate, Ditch the heels. The colour is stunning and Ciate is a brand well known for their quality. Next we have the lip lift peel and I can`t wait to exfoliate my lips with it. As I mentioned above, we also got a full-size mascara from So Susan. While I am not a fan of the brand, I love mascaras and I always love testing new ones. We also got some samples from Rimmel and Yves Rocher. From Yves, we got a perfume sample and if I think about it, I had it a while ago. Back home in Romania, I always bought perfumes from this brand, they were not that expensive and always smelled really nice. And last, from Rimmel we got a sample of their matte BB Cream. I am a big fan of the original one and I was actually thinking whether I should switch to this one, so I am glad I can try it and see if it`s better.

Overall, I am really happy with what I got, I think it`s fantastic value for your money and I can`t wait to see what`s in for next month.


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  1. Carmen Varner
    17/10/2014 / 9:32 pm

    I just discontinued my Birchbox subscription. I was over it. I will definitely check out what Glossybox has to offer. Happy weekend! :] // ☼ ☯

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