Glossybox vs Birchbox: September Edition

When you have a blog, you always try to find new and fun ways to write your posts. I mean, there are so many talented beauty bloggers out there, you must find your personal style when it comes to writing, otherwise you`ll give recycled material. That`s why I decided that from now on instead of writing individual reviews for the content of my beauty boxes, I`ll just do a big post and let you know which one was the winner. I recently cancelled my Love Me Beauty subscription and renewed my Glossybox one, because they had really good boxes the past months. Until now, Birchbox was always my favourite, but this month things might have changed. Let’s see why:

Themes and design:

This month`s theme for Birchbox was Happy Days and they selected products that will make you feel and look that way. With this in mind,  I personally expected a funkier box, something more colourful, so that was a letdown. Glossybox teamed with Karen Millen this month, so the design of the box is amazing, giving you a small glimpse of London. You also have lots of space, so I`ll definitely keep this box and deposit random things in it.

Winner: Glossybox


  • Birchbox

When I heard the theme, I did not know what to expect. Even now, I`m not sure if the selection fits the theme, as it is quite a vague one in my opinion. But it`s a great variety of products, the star being (at least for me) the It`s Potent! Eye Cream from Benefit. Now, when a company that`s best known for its makeup launches a skincare line, you`re a bit sceptical. But I heard good thing about this cream and I was actually thinking of buying it, so this will give me a chance to see if I should splurge or not. The formula is packed with peptide to help you erase dark circles and smooth fine lines. The sad part is that this is the product I was most excited about. Don`t get me wrong, the others are good products, but not something I was dying to try. With this in mind, the second rated product for me is the Preamae Mild Dermabrasion Face&Body Scrub. This sounds pretty cool actually and I`m curious to see if it will be gentle enough for my skin. I still haven`t found a product that won`t make my skin orange red, so fingers crossed this is the one. I know a lot of people were excited about the Agave Healing Oil Treatment…However, for me, it`s starting to get a bit annoying the fact that not a month goes by without receiving a body/hair oil. Moving on, we finally have a brand I heard about: Korres. I know their lotions are good and people seem to rave about them on and on, but my problem would be the smell. I actually prefer sweet scents instead of the fresh ones, so even if I like it, I`ll probably buy one that smells like a cupcake. The last product is from ModelCo., Lip Lacquer in Viva and I have mixed feeling about this one. Although I`m a big fan of their eyeliners, the glosses I have from this brand are quite sticky and the formula is a bit drying. The colour looks great, though, so I`ll have to test it and see how that goes.
Bonus: We got 2 lifestyle extras, a fruit snack and a photo clip. I love it when they add these, the little things are the ones that make the difference.

  • Glossybox

The first product I noticed was the More Brows Fibre Gel from ModelCo. The formula and even the design seem similar to Benefit`s Gimme Brow, so I`m very intrigued. This was a full sized product, and even though it looks small, if it`s as good as Gimme Brow, it will last a lot. I was extremely happy when I saw they included a full-size nail polish from Nails Inc, a favourite of mine. I received the Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat and I can`t wait to try it on. My third pick would be the Mythic Masque from L`Oreal. The sample is more than decent (75 ml), so you can use it more times and actually get an idea of how good the product is. From this point, though, my feelings about the content are mixed. I wasn`t very happy when I saw the samples from SkinPep because that kind of samples you get for free with magazines. I know it`s an expensive brand, but one use won`t convince me to buy something. And last, we have the samples from Vichy. I like this brand, I think it`s affordable and you get good quality. The samples are a bit tiny, though, I think 10 ml instead of 3 ml would have worked better.

Winner: Glossybox

Surprisingly, this month I liked the content of Glossybox much more than the one I got with Birchbox. I loved the fact that they gave us 2 full-size product and the selection as a whole fitted my needs better. Weird, as this is a box that a lot of people seem to complain about. Next month the will include a full-size masque from Nuxe, so I`m over the moon about it. Also, the design of the box will be inspired by Andy Warhol`s works, so expect another gorgeous packaging. I do hope Birchbox will have a comeback, they were usually my favourite beauty box. From what I heard they might give some samples from Stilla, so if that`s true it`s a good win for them.



  1. Sera Brand
    18/09/2014 / 12:38 am

    Awesome review. Thats cool that you got two full sized products from Glossy Box. I would be super stoked also, lol.xx Sera | STARDUSTBOHEMIAN.COM(IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

    • Georgiana Teglas
      18/09/2014 / 9:18 pm

      And they`re around 12 pounds each, so I doubled my money. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Fran Mcmonagle
    18/09/2014 / 6:11 am

    I think what was the most disappointing bit about birchbox was the size of the eye cream.. I've had the same size pot given free after buying a product and it didn't last long at all!❤️ Fran – xx

    • Georgiana Teglas
      18/09/2014 / 9:23 pm

      It is quite small, which is annoying because I really want to buy that cream, but first I want to see if it`s worth the money. Thank you for your comment.

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