The British Tag

This month I`m celebrating 2 years since moving to London, one of the best decisions in my life. Don`t know, I just love living here and I can`t picture myself somewhere else at the moment. When Cristina from My cup of tea tagged me for this post I was super excited. She has a great blog, with very useful reviews, so I was very happy she thought of me when she did the tags. A tag in which you express your love for Britain? Count me in! Sadly, after doing it, I came to the conclusion that I still haven`t mastered the British lifestyle….

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?

This is such a bad start…I am not a big fan of tea. I mean, I drink a lot during winter, but most of the time I prefer a big cup of coffee.

2. Favourite part of your roast?

I don`t really eat meat, only fish, so I don`t have roasts.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?

I`m a sweets junkie, so I don`t discriminate:)) Lately I`ve been loving the chocolate digestives.

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

I don`t know if that counts, but I enjoy watching The Commonwealth games every four years.

5. Favourite word?

Cuppa, I love people`s accent when they say it. And while we`re at accents, it`s not a British word, but still:))

6. Cockney rhyme slang?

Who`s that on the Dog and Bone then?

7. Favourite sweet?

So hard to choose. But if I had to pick just one I would go with Cadbury Creme Eggs. Yummy!

8. What would your pub be called?

The drunken librarian:))

9. No.1 British person?

The one and only Kate Middleton. She`s a role model on so many levels.

10. Favourite shop / Restaurant?

When it comes to beauty, Boots is my ultimate Mecca. But I also love charity shops, my favourite being The British Heart Foundation. I found so many brand new items from Topshop or River Island there. Plus, your money goes to a noble cause.

As for a restaurant, I always try new ones. But I love Harry Ramsden, it`s more of a fast food, but it has the best fish burgers ever.

11. What British song pops into your head?

Arctic Monkeys – Do I wanna know?

12. Marmite?

Not the biggest fan to be honest….

Cristina, thanks again for tagging me! I love it. I am not going to tag anyone this time, whoever wants to do this tag is welcome, just leave me your link so I can see your answers. 


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