Birchbox Unboxing

I first discovered beauty boxes 6 months ago and I was so excited, thinking I found the Holy Grail of testing:p But then magazines brought so many freebies, including expensive brands and some of the samples were a lot bigger than what we normally get in beauty boxes. Plus, you can select what you buy and you pay only 2/3 pounds, depending on the magazine. With that in mind, I canceled some subscriptions and maybe I`ll cancel more. But not Birchbox! Although some boxes are better than the others, I still think they have an amazing selection of products. They are also improving their samples size and the content always matches the theme, so hurray for that! Because it`s holiday season, this month`s theme was Away We GO! and I got a lovely selection of travel sized products.

I like the selection of the products a lot and I think they fit the theme perfectly. Although all the products are a HIT for me, I`ll start with the most exciting one.

Vasanti BrightenUP! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

I am very careful when it comes to products I use on my face and most of them are at least 90% natural. It`s no secret I avoid products with parabens and sulfates, chemicals that in time affect the quality of your skin. So this cleanser is my top pick! First of all, I love the mix of ingredients: papaya, aloe and coconut are among them, adding a fresh smell also. The triple action formula will exfoliate, cleanse and give extra radiance to your complexion, revealing a softer and younger looking skin. The size of the product is somewhere in the middle, 20g, but you need a tiny amount of product, so I guess it will last long enough to get an idea of how good the product is.

Full-size product retails at 26 pounds.

Number 4 Super Comb Prep&Protect

I am a big fan of leave-in conditioners, they improved the quality of my hair a lot. What this little guy does? It strengthens and repairs damaged hair, detangle and protect from heat and sun damage. It is ideal for all hair types and it even adds extra protection for coloured hair. And yes, it`s 100% vegan and free of all those nasty stuff like parabens, sulfates, chlorides, etc. And from what I`ve seen on the bottle it`s available at Fine spas and salons, so time to feel posh.

Full-size product retails at 20 pounds.

SUPERGOOP! Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream

Don`t get fooled, these are some tiny samples, but, at least, there`s two of them. From what I read on facebook, a lot of people were excited to try this one. For me the most interesting part is the self-adjusting part, meaning you don`t have to wonder if you`ll look orangey. I got the light shade, but at first, it looks quite dark. However, after I blended it I got a flawless coverage. Although I liked the finish, I don`t think I`ll invest in it. I am a fan of the high SPF factor, but at the moment, I don`t need help with fine lines or other mature skin problems, so my drugstore foundation is enough for now.

Full-size product retails at 32 pounds.

Chella Highlighter Pencil

It`s like they read my mind because I wanted to try a pencil highlighter for a while now. I got it in the shade Ivory and the colour is gorgeous, perfect for highlighting. Also, it`s not matte, but it`s also not that shimmery, it`s somewhere in between and I think that`s great for daily use. And it`s a full-size product, yay!

This little guy costs 15.95 pounds.

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil

Before this I did not know there are so many omega oils, good to be informed:)) So this product`s formula in enriched with omega 3,6,7 and 9 oils to nourish and smooth your skin. Because sometimes my skin gets oily I did not try any oils, I was too afraid it will make it worse. But it`s here, so I`ll use it before going to bed, no harm in there. Again, another win for me, as it is paraben free and not tested on animal.

Full-size product costs an astonishing 58 pounds.

So this was my August box. Now, as the card says, go home!:))


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  1. Cristina Sánchez
    20/08/2014 / 8:11 pm

    Everything looks so great!!! I've always been curious about beauty boxes but I never have the money to actually order one :(((( or if I do – I forget xxCrissy @ My Cup Of Tea

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