Love Me Beauty: June Edition

As you already know, last month I skipped my box, because I subscribed for a beauty box, not a lifestyle one. But this month they fixed the problem and we got lots of makeup products, plus some really good skincare ones. However, I have some complaints, which you`ll hear after I present the content of my box. I decided to start with my favourite and finish with my least favourite, so here we go:

  • Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Shadow

It`s the first time I hear about this brand and I hope it`s good. Why? Because their makeup it`s cruelty-free and if I like it, I`ll definitely buy some more. I don`t know about you, but for me, it`s hard to find good cruelty free makeup. Skincare products are everywhere, but not lipsticks, mascaras and whatever else you fancy. So fingers crossed. This eyeliner came in a lovely brown colour and it will be ideal for a neutral look. The formula is very creamy and from what I understood is made with pure beeswax. This little guy costs around 11 pounds, so I already covered the price of my box with one product.

  • Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette in `Earth Child`

I am obsessed with eye shadow palettes, so no wonder this is one of my favourites. I don`t know how well they will last, but the colours are gorgeous.  I also love the selection, going from light highlighters to gold/brown tones and dark greys for smoky eyes. Of course, being a drugstore product the brush is rubbish, but other than that I think it`s a lovely product. This is a full-size product and the normal price is 3.99 pounds.

  • NYX Cosmetics Nail Polish in `Pink On Steroid`

Pretty excited as this is my first product for this brand, one that beauty bloggers praise all the time. First of all, I love the name, I laughed like an idiot when I read it. As you know, I`m a sucker for pretty packaging and quirky names. The shade is a neon bright pink and usually, it`s out of my comfort zone, but this summer I decided to be more adventurous, so it`s a nice addition.Also, another cruelty-free product, so Yay for that! HOWEVER, I have tons of nail polishes, so I would love one of their famous lip butters…But I still like it, let’s see how long it will last without chipping. Again, this was a full-size product, which costs 3 pounds.

  • Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream

Normally, this would have been my number one pick. In a previous box, I got their face polish, a product that I fell in love with instantly. I mean, what`s not to love about a product full of botanicals and free from parabens, SLS, gm ingredients, that`s also cruelty-free? This cream is ideal for oil-prone skin and promises to refine your pores, make your skin look matte and support healthy cell renewal. This sounds lovely, but why is this sample so small????I mean, Urban Veda is not the most expensive company out there. Even Birchbox gave us a 30 ml Liz Earle sample and we get a 10 ml sample from Urban Veda?Not to mention I got another 30 ml sample from Ren free with a magazine…I know not all products can be full sized, but I still expect a decent sample, especially when the price of the full product is not over the top.

  • Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque

I love, love, love their masks! I always like to experiment and try new ones, because for me they should be something fun. I haven`t tried this one yet and I`m super excited, as the application is different from this one. I love the fact that it`s infused with natural bamboo fabric, to offer you a deeper and quicker cleaning.

  • Model Co. Lip Gloss in `Fairy Floss`

I`ll sound again like a broken record, but do you remember when you bought Glamour and you got products from this brand for free?:))) I do and I also remember I wasn`t that impressed with them. I mean, they are a bit expensive and it`s not the best quality out there…But I`m actually one of the few people that love lip glosses, so I like the extra.They say it`s non-sticky and has a long-lasting finish, so let’s see how that goes. Btw, is it weird that their top product, the full sized lip gloss that costs 12 pounds it`s my least favourite?:p

Overall impressions: 

What I liked most was the value of the box: the full sized product cost around 30 pounds together, so that`s definitely a win. Another fact that I love about this subscription is that I find a lot of cruelty-free products I had no idea they existed in the first place. Except the lip gloss and the small sample of the cream, I absolutely love this box! It was a very good selection of products and I`ll use most of them, so I did not waste my money. After last month`s fiasco (in my opinion, at least), I`m super excited about this subscription again and I can`t wait to see the menus for next month.


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