June Birchbox

Yesterday evening when I got home after a long day at work, I saw my Birchbox parcel. Of course, a big Yay was in order, but then a What the hell? came. (in a good way) I got a message the previous day in which they let me know my box is on its way and then 24 hours later, it was there. After 4 days, I`m still waiting for my Love Me and Glossybox parcel…anyway, kudos again to the Birchbox team for always being on time! I read some spoilers online, but a lot of people were complaining, saying that only bloggers get the good boxes. I don`t know if that`s true, but I, indeed, got an amazing box.

This box was inspired by the upcoming of the World Cup and I find that very cool. Who says girls can`t be into sports?However, that doesn`t mean we got,, manly“ stuff, but according to them, this box was filled with top beauty players from across the globe. The French and the Americans brought out their best, with stars like Caudalie and BeautyBlender. So, without further introductions, here`s what I received in my box:

  • BeautyBlender+BlenderCleanser

I hope I won`t sound like an idiot, but this is the full size, right?:)) I mean, I can`t imagine there is something bigger than this…what would be the point? So, yes, I`m going to say this is a full sized pinky sponge, that you can team it with your foundation for a flawless skin. Considering its price is 16 pounds, the cost of the box was totally worth it. This also comes with a solid soap to clean it.

And that`s how you use it! As I said, I`m new to this beauty world, so a lot of tools look weird to me. My greatest gratitude to these lovely ladies, who show idiots like me what to do. I mean, who knew you have to soak it in water?:))

  • Silk+Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask

This smells so nice!Besides honey and shea butter, it also contains some essential oils and Provitamin B5, to nourish, protect and fortify the hair. In my opinion, hair masks are a must, especially in the summer, when the heat starts to dry your hair. The sample is quite big, so I`ll use it at least 4 times to get an idea (but I have short hair) if it`s worth it or not. Probably not! I mean, it sounds like a nice product, but the price is ridiculous and you can find tons of cheaper alternatives. Still, it`s good to feel posh from time to time.

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in The Brazil Collection

Hands down my least favourite product…First of all, I have tons of nail polishes. Second of all, I don`t like the colour. And third and most important: it`s so freaking small! I mean, in the past months magazines offered full-size polishes from Nails Inc., Mavala, Ciate, free with the magazine….And I had to pay to get 3ml of product?NO NO NO NO! I understand small samples in skincare/body products, but in nail polishes, it`s just silly.

  • Caudalie Divine Oil

And now it`s time for my favourite! From the start, I loved the fact that it`s free from parabens and sulfates. Besides moisturizing your skin, it also works as an antioxidant, so you`ll have a fresh, smooth skin. I tried a small amount on my hand and I was surprised how quickly my skin absorbed it. My skin felt softer, but I want to see the results after weeks of using it. I find it very handy that you can use it on your face, body and hair and I can`t wait to see how it will perform. I mean, I know it`s amazing on skin..but I`m quite curious to see if it will improve my hair, which has been very dry and dull lately.

  • Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber

Again, I was very happy to see a product which is green and recycle friendly and does not test on animals, Most of the ingredients are organic, including orange, cucumber, acai, evening primrose and sunflower. I love the fact that  it has a 30SPF and the fact that it leaves no white residue. However, it is quite pricey, so I don`t think I`ll buy it. So if you know something similar, with the same eco-friendly policy, please let me know!

Overall, I think it was a good box, but it did not blow me away. I think they set the bar higher with their previous collaborations, so they need to maintain that. The value of the box was amazing, if you put the BeautyBlender and the Caudalie Oil in the mix, but the fact that they gave a tiny nail polished ruined that, at least for me. There were some great beauty launches these weeks, so I think they should think about that. Lately, they gave a lot of Benefit products, so their new BB cream or eyeliner would be a great sample, in my opinion.

What did you think of this box? Was it a Yay or a Nay?



  1. Emily May
    16/06/2014 / 9:54 am

    I've always wanted to give Birchbox or a subscription box like this a try, this post is tempting me! I bet it is such a lovely thing to get in the post xxxxthevelvetwonder.blogspot.com

    • Georgiana Teglas
      16/06/2014 / 12:49 pm

      Whenever it`s box time, it`s like Christmas morning, waiting to see what you`ll get:)) I think you should try, at least for a month, to see if you like it or not.

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