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I think you know by now that I`m a TV shows junkie. I love finding new ones, but I also like the thrills that I get when I watch my favourites again and again. Seriously guys, I saw both Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill four times (still considering to give them another go) and I still find some scenes breathtaking. However, on this list, I`ll include only TV Shows that are still running. 

1. Game of Thrones

No surprise here, in my opinion, this is the best show out there and nothing will beat it. Don`t try to argue with me, I`ll go all Hodor on you!:)) Here you`ll find a bit of everything: action, fantasy, romance, comedy…you name it. Also, I love the fact that each character is very complex, neither entirely bad or entirely good. (except for Joffrey who was a psycho) You will definitely find a character you can relate to and at the end of the day, you may not know who you`re rooting for. I mean, I want Arya to get her revenge, but at the same time, I want Tyrion to be happy with his whore/s. I want Jon Snow to finally know everything and Sir Jorah to step out of the friend zone:))

P.S. Lately there`s been a lot of talk about that rape scene, people going all prude and stuff. That annoyed the crap out of me! What show have you been watching? The story is inspired by medieval times, you can`t change that. But what I found really unbearable were the double standards. So when Theon was mutilated it was ok, `cause he`s a guy, right? But when that B-ch is forced by her brother (with whom she had kids btw), we find this show disgusting and violent. I`m a feminist and I`m against violence, but not just only against women. And again, we can`t change history…Even in the 50, domestic rape was not punished (which was wrong), so why do we get fussy for something that has its roots in medieval times?

A big cheer for this great show and its amazing quotes:

2. Supernatural

Although I`ll say to everyone Game of Thrones is the best, Supernatural is my favourite. After 9 seasons with the boys, those idjits are like family (sexy, very sexy cousins). Funny thing: I wasn`t that caught into it until season 3. I know some people prefer the first seasons because they had more cases, but I for one like a season with a big story instead of small ones. This show is the perfect example for the eternal good vs bad battle, showing you that you always have to do the right thing, no matter the cost. I love the fact that there`s kind of a balance between the episodes: you have one shocking/depressing episode that will probably ruin your week, but after that you can chill with some of the funniest one-liners you`ll hear. (Castiel being a master)

3. Teen Wolf

I don`t think this show gets enough credit. I know MTV is responsible for some shitty shows (Jersey Shore anyone), but this one is really good. If I were to compare the top teen shows that are currently running (Vampire Diaries and The Originals included), I`d say this has the best story. Actually, you can enjoy it even if you are older, as this show is not afraid of going into dark places. One good thing about running on MTV though is the soundtrack, I discovered lots of good songs. Also, there`s a good amount of shirtless good-looking guys (mhm Derek), so that`s always a plus. In the first season, the first love drama might annoy you, but after they leave it behind expect some good fights and scary dudes.

Btw, this show has my favourite opening scene, as you can get a small idea of how the characters are ( Scott-the leader, Allison-fighter and lover, Stiles-effortlessly cool). I`ll be quite bummed when they change it.

4. Sherlock

This show made me love the brits even more. I love the dynamic between those two, I think Benedict and Martin make an amazing duo. The story and acting are good, but what I love (besides the funny lines), are the visual effects. I don`t know why, but they make me feel like I`m in Sherlock`s mind. The only problem I have with this show is that you after waiting a year and a half, you get 3 episodes and then you have to wait again.

5. Arrow

Although I was more invested in season one`s story, it`s still good. I am not familiar with the comics, from what I heard they made some changes into the TV show, but it`s still a lot better than Agents of Shield. I`ll start with what I like: Felicity is an awesome female role model, she`s smart, funny and loyal. I also like the fact that the story is divided into present and the past, as what happened on the island is crucial. However, I am not a big fan of Sara or the Laurel/Oliver romance. It`s not that I`m a crazy Ollicity shipper, but he dated both sisters at the same time…Now he takes one for Friday, one for Monday? It just doesn`t work for me. When a love is damaged, I think it`s best to let go and move on. With a cute geek blonde:))

6. New Girl

This is the only comedy that makes my list, which is strange because most of my all time favourites are comedies. Now, I know most of the people would go with The Big Bang Theory or The Mindy Project, but I need characters I can relate too. Jess is one of them. She`s funny, sweet, smart, a good friend and all her weird habits make her adorable. Extra points for her style, she`s an inspiration. (I actually wrote a post on that if you remember) I love the dynamic of the cast and the funny situations. I`m also invested in the main love stories Jess-Nick, Schmidt-Cece, so I hope they won`t take the HIMYM route. My only little complaint: give Winston a better story, he has so much potential.

7. Person of Interest

A while ago, this would have been in my top 3. However, in my humble opinion, Carter`s death affected the story. (at least for me) I still like the story, especially the fact that you never know who`s the victim and who`s the perpetrator, the guessing is so much fun. I`m a big Sarah Shahi fan, so I`m happy they gave her more to do. And even though I think Root should be in a mental hospital, Amy does a great job portraying her. I won`t say too much about Michael and Jim, as they are both amazing actors and they made me care for their characters. Seriously, if you are not invested in the character`s story, it`s not a good show. As in the Winchesters boys case, Reese and Finch are a part of the family.

8. Once Upon a Time

I can`t believe this is only my 8th pick because I love it so much. However, all the shows above deserve their place…What sometimes puts me off with this show, are Charming and Snow. I may be in the minority, but I find them so annoying. I actually root for Rumple and Regina, as they are not self-righteous idiots like the heroes. Enough of my rambles! What is great about this show, is that there`s always a twist in the fairy-tales. You may know the story, but in here it will be completely different.

There you have it, my top picks. I watch so many TV shows, so it was hard to choose, but at the moment, these are my favourites. However, I might make a new list when we get the next season of American Horror Story, White Collar or Pretty Little Liars if the stories are good!


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