Make them Pop: Summer Nail Colors

One more week and it`s officially summer! I`m quite bummed as this is the first time I`ll spend my summer here and not in Romania…yay for my adult life! Besides missing all the fun I would have had with my friends, I`ll also miss the weather:< Seriously London, stop with all this rain unless you want to be the next Venice! Now it`s time to stop the ramblings and move to the actual post. Whenever I see a bit of sun, it`s time for my huge collection of floral dresses, pastel platforms and flats to steal the spotlight. And all this crazy mix of colors and patterns looks good with even bolder nails, so here are my top picks for summer:

From left to right:

  • Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Guava

A lot of bloggers rave about this brand when it comes to nail polishes, so I decided to give it a try. It was very hard to choose one color, they were all stunning, but I went for Guava, which reminds me of a clear blue sky. It has a texture similar to my Nails Inc polishes, which is a great plus considering the difference in prices. Also, great color payoff –  you can apply just one coat and the color looks the same as the one in the bottle! One thing I don`t get, though – where is the Hi-Shine part? To me it looks similar to other polishes, some are actually shinier than this one and they are considered regular ones.

Price: 3.99 pounds; currently on sale at Superdrug

  • Nails Inc. in Copacabana Coral

Nails. Inc is my favourite brand when it comes to nail polishes, but their prices are a bit too much for me. That`s why when I find an offer, I grab it like a crazy person, yelling MINE and PRECIOUS! Besides cool collaborations and cute names, I love their color range – you`ll find everything from cute pastels to bold neon colors. Also, their formula is chip resistant and lasts for days, but at this price, you kinda expect this.

Price: usually 11 pounds, but I got mine with InStyle for less than 4 pounds

  • Rimmel Lycra Pro in Jade Green

My love for Rimmel was obvious since my first beauty posts. Before discovering the high-end nail polishes, I thought this was the bomb. However, after comparing it with Nails Inc or Ciate, the verdict is not that great. Although the colors are lovely, you need to apply two or three coats, if you want the shade you see in the bottle. Although they say it`s chip resistant, you`ll start to notice a few chips after 4-5 days. Not as great as a high-end product, but still better than 80% of the drugstore ones. However, the color lasts long and the brush is very easy to use.

  • Max Factor Glossfinity in Forever Glam

I don`t own a lot of products from Max Factor. They`re quite expensive for a drugstore brand in my opinion and I think you can find cheaper alternatives. But they have some amazing glosses and nail polishes- I`ll give them credit for that! I`m absolutely in love with this color and the shiny finish it gives. Also, great color payoff – one coat and you`re set to go! Last time I wore this for 5 days without any chipping, which is great considering I had no base or top coat on.

  • Color Club in Breakfast At…

Finally, a pastel color makes my list! I got this in a Birchbox, they were having an exclusive collaboration – that means is not that easy to find this product. (time to feel special) I love this shade of green, it looks so cute and elegant. The quality didn`t impress me that much ( a shame considering the price), but again, I love the color, so I can live with that.

  • Nail Rock In Glitter Dust Blue (I think)

 Another nail polish I got in a beauty box. This color looks so badass! We got some sparkling things to put on it, but I think that would be a shame as the shade is great by itself. A good product, long lasting formula and chip resistant for about a week.

  • Primark Nail Polish in Purple

I own a lot of Primark nail polishes. I know their quality is bad, but what can you expect for this price? Sometimes I have moments when I do my nails every day, so then they become very handy. For one day they do the job and I don`t have to spend a fortune. Plus, you have a nice selection of colours.

  • Sinful Colors in Soul Mate

Why did I discover this brand only last week?:< It`s such a good drugstore alternative! When I went to their stand in Boots, I was pleasantly surprised by the color range and laughed like an idiot when I saw some names. (Big Daddy -seriously?:)) ) Love the formula, it seemed very creamy and easy to apply. For its price, I was very happy to see that one coat is enough. The chip resistance is somewhere in the middle – more than 3 days, but less than a week without a coat. I think this brand just became my newest addiction!

  • Kate Spade for Nails Inc. in Big Apple Red

I saved the best for last, as this is my all-time favourite! It doesn`t matter if it`s winter or summer, this color will always look amazing. For me, this is the perfect shade of red – not too burgundy, not too pink. As all Nails. Inc products the quality is over the top, this little gem will last for days, looking like you just had a many. Like always, I got it from a magazine, so look out for promotions!



    • Georgiana Teglas
      29/05/2014 / 8:44 pm

      It`s such a lovely shade. And at 2 pounds you`ll be impressed by its quality.

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