Glossybox+Syperdrug = A drugstore dream?

I think I`m the only person that subscribed to Glossybox after hearing about their collaboration with Superdrug. Although I enjoy getting some posh samples, I know I`ll probably never buy them, because I can`t afford them. So I actually like it when I find drugstore products in a box, as long as I get a decent sample. The reason I haven`t subscribed to Glossybox earlier was that I saw some posts where people got pretty cheap products, in small sizes. After some complaints and probably some cancelled subscriptions I think they took notice, `cause in this box, we got 5 full-size products. I won`t lie, I`m a bit disappointed with my box compared to others. I know some people would probably prefer mine, for the value, so I think this is a common feeling among fellow subscribers. Why couldn`t I get the BB Cream or Mascara from Rimmel though? Here`s hope for better luck next time!

I`ll start with my least favourite, going all the way to what I thought was the highlight of the box.

  • Eyelure Volume 107 Lashes

Eyelure has some pretty nice products when it comes to eye stuff. The packaging has a nice and neat design and the lashes look like they`re really good quality. I can`t believe how long and curled they are! The only downside is that I don`t use false lashes, so I`ll probably give this to someone who will use it.

Price: 5.35£

  • 2True PRO-3D Candy Nail Art

The tiny purple and black beads look awesome! I`m a bit of a mess when I do my mani, so I don`t think that applying these will end in a nice result. However, I like DIY cards, so I`ll probably use them on that.

Price: 3£

  • Collection Bronze Glow Mozaic

This is a divine conspiracy to make me learn the tricks of contouring. I wanted to buy a kit for quite a while, but I didn`t want to spend too much money…after all, the chances of me getting a Kim K. glow are small!However, it would be nice to leave the house without looking like Morticia Adams. Youtube tutorial here I come! I got it in Radiant and I like the fact that it`s a combination of shimmery colors. It also contains Vitamin E, so I guess it won`t be that harsh on the skin.

Price: 2.99£

  • B.Sheer Conditioning Lipstick

Finally, a product I`ll use and I might end up buying it if I like it. I got shade Petal, which is a pretty nude and a lovely addition to my growing collection. Besides the color, I love the fact that it contains vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera! It gives you a nice glow while protecting your lips.This brand is also suitable for vegetarian and vegans and it`s against animal testing.

Price: 6.99£

  • Simple Kind to Skin+Illuminating Radiance Cream

I`m a big fan of this brand, so this is my favourite product from the box. This cream is infused with multi-vitamins and light reflecting minerals, to give you a naturally radiant skin. It also has an SPF 15, so it will protect you from UVA and UVB. The formula is lightweight and easy to blend into skin.

Price: 8.99£

I did the total and the value of the products was 27,32£, double from what I paid. I`ll use only three products, but their value is 18,97£, so I made a better deal with the box.

Bonus Products:

As a bonus, we got a sample of Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion and Ghost Fragrance Eclipse. Again, I think I`m the only person that like perfume samples:)) I don`t know why, but I like carrying them around in my purse and use them from time to time. And you also discover things you`d never thought of buying before. It`s the first time I hear of this perfume, but I love it. It smells AMAZING and it`s a mix of lemon, bergamot, mandarin, blackcurrant, apple, rose, freesia, etc. Definitely a summer fragrance! Also, I was thinking of buying this lotion, so it`s nice to try it and see if I`ll like it or not!

Overall Impressions:

In terms of value, the content was a winner! However, it`s a shame I`ll use only 3 out of 5 products. I know some people had far better boxes, but from what I`ve seen some got cheap products and the total of the box was 14 pounds. Glossybox is quite a tricky subscription, so I don`t know if I am a fan or not. I`ll wait to see what they bring next month though I have a feeling this will be only a short fling and I`ll cancel after 3 months. Fingers crossed I am wrong! 

Make me feel better or worse: what did you get in your box?


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