Style icon: Vanessa Hudgens

Lately, 90 % of fashion blogs were filled with articles about Coachella. If you can`t understand the frenzy, imagine a bunch of A-listers who traded their gowns and red carpet for nature and boho outfits. Pretty cool !(though not as cool as Leonardo Dicaprio`s moves at the festival:))) And the music line-up is always amazing and has something for everyone, whether you are an indie /rock /electric or rap fan. Some of the big names for this year?Ellie Goulding, Pharrell Williams, Lorde, Foster The People, MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Lana del Rey, Arcade Fire and my number one band: MUSE! I don`t know how, but one day I will attend this amazing festival.

Coachella is always a place to look for fashion inspiration, from normal people like you and me, or from celebrities. This year, Miranda Kerr, Kendal Jenner and Selena Gomez all pulled some amazing outfits. But the queen of Coachella festival has to be Vanessa Hudgens, whose outfits are to die for! But I guess it comes naturally for her because this is the style she adopts on a daily basis. Get ready for some big hats, florals, braids, lace and maxi dresses:

You see, I was quite surprised to see how much I adore her style because on a daily basis I like to channel my inner Kate Middleton and look very posh and ladylike. But Vanessa`s style is so fun and interesting! And if I think about it: I`m only 24, I will have enough time to dress like my mum.

Another reason why I chose her as this month style icon is because she knows how to work her height:)) Sounds weird? Let me shed some light on the matter. Like me, Vanessa is quite petite, so not all trends work for her. However, she manages to wear long floral dresses without looking ridiculous in them, so kudos. Now, I don`t know if she chooses the outfits or a stylist does that, but everything looks amazing on her. And if you are small, you should wear short skirts and shorts, to make you appear taller. From what I`ve seen, she has quite a collection…also, a toned body like that deserves to be shown.

In the end, what`s a fashionista without a boyfriend whose style is as cool as hers? She and Austin Butler make a very trendy couple, him with the grunge looks and her with the boho outfits. Don`t you agree?


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