Sanctuary Spa Sleep-In-A-Box Review

Sanctuary Spa is a brand I trust and love, not only for the top quality of their products but also for the fact that they`re against animal testing and don`t use parabens. They have some amazing stuff, that will leave you feeling so pampered, you`ll start to think you spent your whole day at a luxurious spa and not in your small bathroom. They have something for every need and the mix of oils you`ll find in their products is unbelievable. So yes, as you can see from my statements, I love this brand. That`s why I was so happy to receive this little set for my name day from my sister-in-law. The aim of this set is ,, to help reduce tension & stress, helping to prepare for a restful night`s sleep.“

 As a gift, this is a great idea. First of all, the quality of the box: they paid attention to every detail, even the carton is really good and does not look cheap. For me, this set is very appealing to the eyes in its simplicity. Inside you will find 4 products, that combined together will offer you the relaxation you need for a good night sleep. Top ingredients include ylang-ylang, frankincense and patchouli, to reduce tension and stress and make you as calm as Dalai Lama.

Step 1: Calm and cleanse with Calming Luxury Bath Float

A 75 ml product that will fill your bath with ,, rich, long-lasting bubbles to moisturise & condition your skin“. THIS SMELLS AMAZING! Besides the top ingredients listed above, this contains honey, baobab extract and soybean. The product itself is very creamy and it will leave your skin very smooth.

Step 2: Exfoliate with Smoothing Silk Polish

This is my favourite from the box, you`ll understand why when I tell you the ingredients. Ground coconut shell, almond oil and shea butter? Hello, divine smell! Now, I used to believe that polish is a more fancy way to say scrub. However, I found that products with the polish part in it are not that harsh on the skin as a scrub would be. It`s really easy to apply and leaves your skin very soft afterwards. 

Step 3: Treat hair, skin & body with the Restoring Body Oil

This one you can use it in two ways. You can either add a few drops to your bath or use is to massage weary muscles. Because I always have back pain, I went with option B. I am not a big fan of oils, but this one I liked, mainly because of its fragrance. Next time I`ll apply a few drops on my damp hair, for a summery scent. I`m very curious to see how that will work.

Step 4: Hydrate with Comforting Night Butter

This is the last step of your dream time treatment at home. I got a 50 ml product, but that`s OK, considering I have more than 15 body lotions/butters and creams. Although the consistency of this butter is more creamy than buttery, if I make any sense, it`s feels lovely when you apply it. It just sinks in and you don`t have to wait a long time before you can put on you PJs. 

As a person obsessed with body products, I adore this set. You have a product for everything and the fragrance, as I said before, it`s divine. I used them just once, but I loved them. I will definitely get this set when the products ran out…I didn`t feel asleep instantly, but after I did all the steps I really felt more relaxed, so hurray for that!


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