On body image and double standards…

I wanted to write this post for a long time and after spending 5 minutes on FB I finally found my motivation. You see, InStyle wrote an article about North West, Kim and Kanye`s baby. The amount of hurtful remarks was ridiculous and pathetic. Now, I`m not their fan, but how can you call a baby ugly just based on the fact that you don`t like his/her parents?

The answer is yes: you are stupid. And ignorant. And whatever else you want..You might say that now I`m the one that makes a hurtful statement. And maybe you are right. But I do it based on something you did, not on something that you can`t control. You can choose your words, not your appearance. And if a smart-ass comes in here and says that is up to you (you can diet, wear make-up, etc)

I will use myself as an example. I can wear heels, but I will still be short. I can try to hide my huge nose with a bit of concealer. And maybe if I get fat, I will go to a gym, but for health reasons. But still, why does it make you feel better if you put me down?

What I find really interesting is that all these people, if they get attacked back (which is wrong btw), they get really mean (oh well, worse). So it`s OK for you to judge Miley or Kim, but if someone says something about YOUR appearance, they are the mean ones. I`m not a saint here, I have a very strong and bad opinion about some celebrities out there. But  I judge what they do, not how they are. And even that is wrong, but some people think of them as role models, so they should know better. 

The problem with judging people based on their looks is that we create a vicious circle. Girls will start to starve themselves, maybe go to surgery and sometimes tale more drastic measures…And even then the bullies will find something to complain about. Hey, now you`re too fake, blah blah bla. How can we have strong and independent girls if we see them as a piece of meat? You`re too fat, you`re too skinny. And this applies to guys as well. You don`t go to gym/workout? Jeez, you`re a loser.

So what can you do? It`s easy to say don`t listen to them, but to be honest it won`t work. Between 10-14 (when I attended a very posh school), I was bullied a lot. They used to make fun of my appearance and the fact that my parents were not rich( and could not afford fancy clothes). I moved to a different school where I found great people, but the scars were still there. I think they still are! But why should you care about the opinion of someone you don`t like? If that`s all they can do with their time, put people down, you should feel sorry for them. And don`t worry, things will get better. Wanna hear something funny? After 3 years since I left that school, I saw one of the guys that used to make fun of me. And he wanted to hook up with me. Now, I could have been very mean and have some revenge, but I said a very polite NO.

I will end this post with some photos to brighten up your day. And with my tons of hugs.

And my personal favourite:


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