March Favourites

It seems that whenever I make a schedule for my blog, life gets in the way and I end up posting after a week or sometimes I even forget what that post was about. I know I`m a terrible blogger guys, but…I have to go to work, clean the house, spend time with my husband, play with my lovely 1-year-old niece, hang out with friends, read, shop and so on. Now, I`m not complaining, because I know there are women out there with far more responsibilities than me, but bare with me until I (hopefully) get more organized. Oh, and did I mention my addiction for TV Shows? ( At the moment I watch 15 different shows, hard to keep up) Anyway, as I have to go to work soon, let`s start the list:


                                                 Diesel Loverdose Perfume

I`m absolutely in love with this fragrance and the bottle`s design. I have quite a big collection of perfumes, but this is and will always be my number 1. It has an irresistible floral scent, with notes of vanilla, mandarin, star anise, gardenia and jasmine. My husband bought it as a present for 8th of March and I think it`s the best gift he made in 5 years of relationship. Yes, I love this perfume even more than my trusty iPhone:))

                                              Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

An amazing and affordable micellar water, that might be as good as the Bioderma one. It removes makeup and impurities in seconds and it leaves your skin feeling clean and toned. The formula is suitable even for sensitive skin and it`s fragrance-free, so no weird smells or stings. You can find the review here.

                                         Primark Vanilla Caramel Lip Balm

To be completely honest, I think I featured this one just for the cute packaging:)) It`s so girly with the pink writing and little butterflies! I mean, at 1 pound you can`t expect wonders, but in combination with other products, it does a decent job at softening your lips. Also, the smell is very yummy (if you are a fan of sweets). The product isn`t as creamy as I wanted it to be, so I have to apply it a couple of times to see/feel something, but again, for one pound it`s an ok product. I mean, I probably will repurchase it for the package:))

                                                  Percy and Reed Wonder Balm

I got this with Elle magazine and at first, I was a bit reluctant, but boy was I wrong. After almost 3 weeks of using this product, I noticed a big difference. My hair feels softer and it doesn`t tangle as much as it used to. Also, I have greasy hair and some products make it worse, but this one actually helped. I apply it on wet hair for a smooth and shiny finish and it really does wonders. You can find the review here.

                                                          NIP+FAB Viper Venom Eye Fix

This is the product that made me subscribe to Love Me Beauty Box and what a great idea that was! I mean, 3 full-sized products for 10 pounds? Count me in! This is a gel designed to prevent ageing. The roller ball makes it super easy to apply when you need to refresh your eyes and it`s so small you can carry it in your purse without problems. I also think it helps with dark circles and puffy eyes, so you should definitely check it out! 

                                            KIKO Glow Touch Lips&Cheeks Blush

This is a multipurpose product, so if you don`t like carrying a lot of makeup in your bag, this is for you! You have 6 wonderful shades to choose from, that will suit all complexions and create a natural and healthy look. I went for a lighter shade, as I have enough bright pinks and oranges. I like the fact that is creamy and easy to apply…also, because of the colour, I don`t have to spend a lot of time trying to blend it. And one more thing: it has a sweet smell, how cool is that? You can see the review here.

                                                   Max Factor Polished Fuchsia Lipgloss

A couple of weeks ago Boots had an offer: if you spent 15 pounds on Max Factor makeup, you would get a free present. Being a sucker for gifts and good deals, I decided to give it a try. It was the first time I tried any Max Factor products, but I was kinda disappointed. Their makeup products are more expensive than the Rimmel or Maybelline ones, but the quality isn`t that great in my opinion. I tried a foundation, mascara, blush and this lipgloss, and the first three were definitely a fail. But this one I like. It has a really nice colour, that lasts for a couple of hours. Also, I love the fact that it`s not sticky at all, like other lipglosses. Although I`ll stay away from 90% of their stuff, I will definitely buy some more lip glosses from Max Factor, they are really good and the price is ok-ish.


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