Review: Kiko Glow Touch Lips and cheeks

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A few days ago I was talking with my colleague about what makeup brands she uses and she recommended Kiko. Now, from what I saw on google (a very reliable source, I know) KiKo Make Up Milano was founded in  1997 by Percassi Group and their aim is to offer top-quality products to women of all ages, everything from makeup to skincare and body treatments. Sounds promising! Whenever I go to work (Westfield Stratford) I pass by their aisle, but for some  unknown, ahem, reason (I already have a growing Boots addiction), I never entered the store. But yesterday I arrived earlier and I did a bit of shopping. While there were a lot of great products to choose from, I decided to go for the lips and cheeks blush. Here are my thoughts:

Glow Touch Lips and Cheeks is a multipurpose product that you can apply both on your cheeks and lips, for a healthy glow. You can choose from 6 colours, depending on the look you are looking for. It`s not much, but I really believe they will suit all complexions, being a mix of natural and vibrant colours. I went for shade 100 Intuition Peach, which has a very natural finish. The consistency of this blush is creamy, which makes it very easy to apply and blend. Also, it has a sweet and light fragrance that I for one like a lot. When I apply this on my cheeks it adds a bit of colour, but not over the top. And this is what I wanted, something subtle, so people don`t know I wear makeup and think it`s my natural glow. Ha! On the lips, it works a bit like a balm and after I apply it, they feel very soft.  Overall, I like this product a lot and I will definitely try the other shades. For  6.90 pounds you get 18g in a very colorful designed tin.

Have you tried anything from Kiko before? What do you recommend?


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