Fashion radar: Hart of Dixie

    I don`t know how many of you watch this show, but it`s amazing! It`s like Gilmore Girls met Gossip Girl, you have all the quirky people of a small town, but dressed in high street/end clothes. You have funny lines, characters you can relate to, lots of love triangles, hot guys and fashionable ladies. It`s a win in my opinion! The only thing I don`t like is that they are not giving me my Zade!(you will understand if you watch it, it`s an intense battle between Zoerge and Zade)

      Let`s start with the main character, doctor Zoe Hart. She is nuts, but in a warm, fuzzy way (maybe it`s her small height). Although sometimes she can be a judgemental NY lady, she is a caring and loyal friend. Awful with love decisions (pick Wade ALREADY), she is a smart and very capable doctor. And she has one of the most amazing wardrobes in the history of TV shows. I don`t think they are ok for her job, but damn she can rock those shorts and high heels. Because she is very short, in 99% of the case you will see her in small skirts/shorts paired with cute tops and very high heels. Being short myself, I always turn to miss Zoe Hart for inspiration. She has an edgy, sometimes rocker style, which I love. Here are some of my favourite picks:

      When it comes to style, Zoe is my favourite, hands down! But character wise, the battle is won by miss Lemon Breeland. I know she was supposed to be the bitch in season one, but I rooted for her. All her crazy shenanigans remind me of Blair Waldorf, my all time favourite character. But the thing is, Lemon developed a lot in the last season. She became a very good and loyal friend, she started to take her own decisions and make a life without her rich daddy`s help. In the show, she is portrayed as Zoe`s enemy, so even her wardrobe reflects that. Lemon looks like a 50`s housewife, wearing cute floral dresses and midi skirts. I don`t think I`ve seen her in short skirts or shorts. Here are some ladylike outfits she wore:

     And last, but not least, the one and only Annabeth Nass! She is so hilarious, I always laugh like a crazy person in her scenes. She is the bridge between Zoe and Lemon, one of the nicest people in that crazy town. She has lots of charisma and would make a great politician`s wife (fingers crossed). Although her style is similar to Lemon`s, she isn`t afraid of bold colours and glitter:

I hope you enjoyed this post and made you curious about this show. You should give it a try, you won`t regret it! Next month, for my TV fashion radar I will talk about New Girl and the adorkable Jess. Have a great day!

Disclaimer: Photos were taken from , the site I always use for these posts



  1. stilblume
    02/03/2014 / 12:56 pm

    My friend was going on about this show, after seeing these pictures, I might just give it a try :-)Lovely outfits!Julia

    • Georgiana Teglas
      04/03/2014 / 11:29 am

      It`s a really funny show, you should give it a try! Also, some costumes were borrowed from the Gossip Girl set, it`s no surprise they`re so amazing!

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