7 Days of Rimmel: Stay Matte Powder

EN: When I was 12 I`ve discovered a powder in my grandma`s purse and, of course, I had to try it. She wasn`t very happy about it and told me that only old women use that. In fact, she was against young girls wearing makeup and kept telling me I`m going to ruin my skin. I was/am not mad because I can see her point of view. She always had a flawless skin without using any creams and started using makeup only after 40. (and when I say makeup I mean a powder and a lipstick) But we live in different times and I was not blessed with her good genes. Now, I am quite pleased with my skin, but the oiliness really drives me crazy. Because I was so impressed with the Stay Matte foundation, I decided to try the powder as well.

       Now, bare in mind this is the first powder I bought and used, so I`m no expert. On the package it says: 

,, Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise the appearance of pores“

        The package is a bit dull, but I don`t have a problem with that. I prefer a product that works instead of one that just looks pretty. Now, a weird thing: I think this product smells really nice. I don`t know, maybe all powders smell this way, but I really enjoy it. It feels very lightweight and has a natural, long lasting finish. I`m not sure about the whole pores thing, but when it comes to covering the shine, it works great. If you combine it with the Stay Matte foundation, you really won`t have to worry about your oily skin for the whole day.


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