7 Days of Rimmel: Santa Rose Blush

   After many delays (sorry about that) the final day of the Rimmel week is here. As much as I enjoyed writing these posts, I`m a bit happy it`s over because I have some fashion posts that I want to share with you as soon as possible (Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, princess Kate – all under my fashion radar). I also want to talk about TV shows and books, just to share my wisdom on some great stuff….

    Anyway, let`s get back to my post. To be honest, when I bought this, I expected a lil` more of product: yes, for me 4 g is a little. But, great things come in small packages (as your one and only blogger). Also, it hit me that it`s a blush, not a powder, so you use it on one small portion of your face (unless you aim for the clown look). With these in mind, I decided that the quantity is more than enough. The colour I picked is 010 Santa Rose, due to the cute name and the pinky tone. 

    According to the package, it`s a ,, mono powder blush. natural sheer finish.long lasting.smudge resistant.“ I`m new to this beauty world, but for me, powder blushes work better than the creamy ones. I like their colours better, I find them easier to apply and to build the look I want. If you have pale skin I think this colour will do wonders for you because it looks very natural. It`s a bit shimmery, but not over the top. My only complaint is that it`s not as resistant as they say: after 3-4 hours it`s all gone. But then again, I don`t know how long blushers are supposed to last. However, for 3.99 pounds I think it`s a decent product and you have 6 colours to choose from, so you`ll definitely find one that suits you.


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