7 Days of Rimmel: Lycra PRO Nail Polish

EN: Before I start this post, I must confess I`m terrible when it comes to doing my mani. I`m clumsy, I have nail polish everywhere (once I had a bit on my nose, don`t judge) and I can barely put one colour, let alone make a model. So I look at Nail of the Day posts with a big sigh and hope one day I`ll get better. However, my lack of talent doesn`t stop me from buying nail polishes. I always pick one when I go to Boots and Superdrug and when I want to spoil myself, I go to the high-end stores. Yes, the girl with the budget has an addiction with Nails Inc…But now I`ve discovered the Lycra Pro collection from Rimmel, so I have a new crush!

      The color I have selected is 381 Jade Green, it has such a nice and WOW finish. I love green and this colour is just amazing! Although it doesn`t last ,up to 10 days“ (or. at least. I can`t keep it more than a week), it`s better than other drugstore nail polishes I`ve tried. To be completely honest I don`t use a top/base coat, so maybe that`s the problem. On the back of the bottle it says:

                           ,, Long-lasting, chip resistant and anti-fade colour“

Again, I`m not so sure, after 4 days I noticed some chips. But maybe it`s just my clumsiness and lack of a coat. But the anti-fade part is completely true, you have the same vibrant colour for days. Overall, I think it`s a really good nail polish for a drugstore brand and at this price, it`s a bargain!


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