7 Days of Rimmel: Hide the Blemish Concelear

                                                ( photo from google, cause my camera skills are still bad)

EN: I must confess, I did not understand the fuss about concealers before. Actually, I wasn`t too keen on makeup and before I got here, it was a three steps way. 

  • Step one: I did not like/ agree with girls wearing makeup. I wanted to let my skin breathe and, to be honest, I wasn`t paying a lot of attention to my appearance
  • Step two: I discovered that sometimes a little makeup is ok. When you have a job you want to look poised and sometimes rough work/partying is not helping, so you need something extra 
  • Step three: I became a bit of a beauty junkie…There are still days when I don`t wear any makeup at all when my skin looks all nice on its own. But I work in retails and appearance is important. Also, I feel more confident when my customer isn`t looking at my big zip

The last weeks have been really hard and it`s starting to show. I have to go to work, clean the house, find time to blog, see friends, play with my lovely 10 months niece. And I enjoy doing all that, but sometimes I feel really tired. So I have decided to take action, use a cream for puffy eyes and meanwhile cover the dark under-eye circles. And finally, here comes the review:

         Hide the Blemish Concealer is a product I`ve read many good reviews from fellow bloggers and being a big Rimmel fan, I had to try it! The packaging is very simple, a nude and black stick. Apparently, it ,,effectively conceals spots, blemishes and under-eye circles“. I find the product quite creamy and it`s easy to blend. I have oily skin, but I can use it without problems, it covers really well and looks natural. (yes, that is my makeup theme) The shade I use is 001 Ivory and it`s just perfect, not too bright, not too dark. I really like this concealer, so I will definitely repurchase it. You can buy it for 3.99 from Boots, as all Rimmel products, you will have a quality product at a cheap price. The stick has 4.5 g, but I think it`s more than enough.

       Tomorrow it`s my last post from the Rimmel week (for now) and I`ll review the Santa Rose Blush. Have a good evening, kisses!


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