How much is my face worth?

I have avoided writing this post for such a long time; it`s a joke! I know some of you might wonder why I`m doing it if I don`t want to. Well, the answer to that is simple. I want to know how bad the situation is and feel horrible about it, but I also want you to tell me that it`s OK, cause the products you used are ten times more expensive than mine. Yeah, I`m that type of person...Sad, I know. So without further ado, let`s talk business. As a beauty blogger/junkie I have many products, but today I`ll feature only the products that are part of my daily makeup routine. Also, I have skipped the moisturiser because even though it`s a must, it`s a skincare product. And I`ll also have 15£ less when I do the total, so there`s that. And because I`m a bad person, I won`t mention the tools either.

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation - 24.50£
Kiko Glowing Potion - 13.90£ (limited edition, not available anymore)
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - 17.50£
Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 - 4£
Essence Lash Princess Mascara - 3.30£
Barry M Brow Kit - 5.99£
Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - 2.30£
Makeup Revolution Contour Kit - 3.50£
Makeup Revolution Baked Blush - 2.50£

And the total is 77.49, which is amazing considering the Mac products alone are 42£. Obviously, sometimes I use other or more products, but I think that even with those my total is less than 100£, which is great. If any of you wrote a post like this, send me your links, I`d love to see your results. Don`t forget to leave a comment, I always reply. (even if it`s a bit late due to my stupid internet)

P.S. I did not see the Studio Sculpt Foundation on Mac`s website, does anyone know if it`s been discontinued? I hope not, it`s my favourite full cover foundation and the only one that does not give me breakouts, so I`ll be extremely upset if I can`t buy it anymore.

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  1. that is a LOT! lol on daily basis i only use drugstore :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥