Packing for Paris

Hello, everyone! Monday I`ll finally go on my holiday and I`m so excited, these last working days are excruciating. Last year after my husband and I got married we had to come back to work, so we never really had a honeymoon. There`s only a few days left and I`ve done most of my packing. So today I though I`ll show you the fashion bits. Now, I was very close to taking half of my closet, so I had to take some measures. After rearranging everything several times, I realized it`s easier if I plan my outfits and take only that. Packing for a summer holiday it`s so much easier and it also allows you to go a bit overboard. Most of the clothes don`t occupy a lot of space and sandals can fit into every small corner.
                                               H&M Dress
                                                  H&M Top, Thrifted Skirt
                                                                   New Look Dress
                                             Asos Skirt, Primark Top
                                            Everything is from Select
                                        Warehouse Floral Top, Forever 21 Jeans, Primark T-Shirt
                                           Pull&Bear Blazer

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it did not have my usual ramblings. The next post will be about what will be in my travel makeup bag, so stay tuned. Are you going on holiday any time soon? What plans did you make for this (end of) summer?


  1. Love the first dress and the Primark t-shirt, so pretty! x


  2. woooo! exciting! I'm going on holiday in 10 days to Cyprus and I cannot wait to sit in the sun, swim, get a tan...basically everything you can't do in London :p

    Your outfits are all so cute. I'm probably going to struggle when packing too, not just with clothing but make-up too! Arghhh haha

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Cyprus sounds so exciting, I hope you`ll have lots of fun! Make sure you take lots of pictures.

  3. Love the first dress <3 have a great time!
    Chloe xx